Anton Sprint Pro2 Kit B Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser



  • Includes Anton Sprint Pro2 analyser, flue probe, charger and bag
  • Kit B adds infrared printer, APRV valve, 2 x temperature clamps and CPA1 probe set
  • High quality UK manufactured Flue Gas Analyser
  • Carry out CO room, let by and tightness tests
  • Intuitive, easy to navigate menu driven software
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Warranty5 years
Price MatchNo
Choice of FREE gift

Anton Sprint Pro2 Kit B (includes printer, temperature pipe clamps, APRV pressure relief valve and CPA1 probe set)

The new Anton Sprint Pro2 replaces the very popular Anton eVo 2 Flue Gas Analyser. The Sprint Pro2 shares all the key benefits of the Sprint Pro Range, including a new secure click in flue probe, advanced double protection against water ingress, robust design and a large easy to read display with coloured warnings an prompts. The Sprint Pro2 is BSI tested to EN50379:2012 1 & 3.

The Sprint Pro2 adds useful features in addition to the Sprint Pro1, such as let by and tightness testing (reducing the need for a separate manometer), as well as USB comms for use with Anton Sprint Pro PC software (Windows only). The Sprint Pro2 is therefore an ideal tool for professional plumbing, heating and gas engineers who commission installations on a regular basis.

Quickly and easily measure Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2) and temperature, as well as the calculation of CO/CO2, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level and combustion efficiency. The Pro2 also has the option to add a Pro Gas Escape Probe (C03737) which is perfect for pin pointing leaks in pipework.

Each Sprint Pro analyser also comes with the new drop in style carry case, allowing for quick removal and replacement of your FGA and accessories. There is also a slot on the front perfect for your details or business card.

The Anton Sprint Pro2 Kit B adds the Pro BS7967 CPA1 Probe Set for testing flueless appliances, in addition to other useful accessories such as a 2 x pipe clamp for temperature measurement and an infra-red printer for printing out your test results to save on paperwork.

What's new at a glance...

  • Double protection against water ingress - preventing expensive repairs and downtime.
  • Secure click in probe - no more snapped spigots!
  • Secure screw fit condensate trap with reusable sponge filter.
  • Intuitive, easy to navigate menu driven software.
  • Coloured prompts and warnings.
  • Large yellow buttons.
  • Made from robust, crash helmet material.
  • Built in sensor for over range protection.
  • Easy USB-C charging.
Kit Variants
Pro2 Kit APro2 Kit B
Multi-function Flue Gas Analyser: BSI tested to EN50379-1:2012 & EN50379-3:2012 Use for BS7967 & BS8494
USB Charger and Lead
Sprint Pro Quick Drop in Bag
Sprint Pro Flue Probe with Water Stop Technology & Washable Particulate Filter
Pro Infrared Magnetic Printer (USB charging)
Pro BS7967 Probe Set
Sprint Pro Gas Escape ProbeAvailable Separately
Anton Pressure Relief Valve (APRV)
Standard Pressure Hose
AS10/Clamp Pipe Temperature Probe22
Spare Washable Particulate Filter
Calibration Certificate & Quick Start Guide

Anton Sprint Pro2 - What's included...

  • Anton Sprint Pro2 Flue Gas Analyser
  • Sprint Pro flue probe
  • Sprint Pro Drop in carry case
  • USB charger and USB charger / comms lead
  • Spare sponge filter
  • Pro infra red printer
  • 2 x pipe clamps
  • Pro BS7967 CPA1 Probe Set
  • Quick start guide
  • Calibration certificate

Why buy your new Anton from Test4less...
Every Anton Sprint Pro Analyser from Test4less comes with a choice of free gift.
Don't forget - Test4less have been an Approved Anton Service Centre for over 10 years and we can calibrate your Anton Sprint Pro2 every year. Call 01782 567 099 (option 1 or 2) when required.

The Sprint Pro2 Kit B is future proof and can be upgraded to a higher model (Anton Sprint Pro3 / Pro4 / Pro5 / Pro6) at a later date.

What other Sprint Pro units are available...
Looking for a gas leak probe and wireless comms to iOS and Android devices as standard? Try the Anton Sprint Pro3
Require dual range IR CO2 direct measurement for ambient air testing (COMCAT & CMDDA1)? Take a look at the Anton Sprint Pro4

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