Anton Sprint Pro4 Bluetooth Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser (with CO2)



  • UK manufactured flue gas analyser
  • Includes dual-beam IR CO2 sensor
  • Ideal for COMCAT and CMDDA1 applications
  • Fully compatible with the Sprint Mobile app
  • Advanced water trap design prevents water ingress
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Anton Sprint Pro4 Bluetooth Multifunction Flue Gas Analyser (with CO2)

The Anton Sprint Pro 4 shares all the functionality of the Anton Sprint Pro 3, whilst also including a dual beam infra-red CO2 sensor. The addition of this sensor allows the user to perform simultaneous CO and CO2 monitoring, for example in commercial catering (COMCAT) situations or when incident investigation is required (CMDDA1). Direct measurement for ambient air testing is only available on the Sprint Pro 4 and Pro 6 models from Anton.

Anton Sprint Pro4 Ambient Air Monitoring CO & CO2

As the Sprint Pro 4 is based on the bestselling Sprint Pro 3 model, It retains all the features required for everyday installation and commission including…

  • Oxygen (O2) measurement
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) measurement
  • CO:CO2 ratios
  • Efficiency
  • Excess air temperature
  • Flow and return temperature
  • Differential temperature
  • Pressure: Let by and tightness tests
  • CO ambient air monitoring
  • CO sweep test – BS7967
  • BSI tested to EN50379-1:2012 and EN50379-3:2012
  • Use for BS7967 and BS8494

The advanced water trap and membrane design makes it almost impossible to draw condensate into the unit when used correctly. In the past, condensate entering the analyser has been a major source of down time and can lead to costly repairs. This new water trap design is a feature of the Anton Sprint Pro models from 1 through to 6.

The Anton Pro 4 also features a secure click in flue probe and easy USB C charging for the analyser and printer (Available separately or with kit options). For detecting gas leaks quickly, the Pro4 includes a plug in gas leak detector.

Ambient air testing (CO and CO2) reporting.

The user can select from a large range of run durations with pre-defined sample intervals for optimal recording.

Run durationSample interval
15 / 30 minutes
1 / 4 / 8 hours
1 minute
12 / 16 hours2 minutes
20 hours2 minutes 30 seconds
1 day3 minutes
2 days8 minutes
3 days10 minutes
4 days12 minutes
5 days15 minutes
6 days20 minutes
7 days30 minutes

Each session can be stored on the Anton Sprint Pro 4 and either printed off (printer available separately) or sent to a smart device using the Sprint Mobile App for review.

Furthermore, to make reporting easier, the user can select only to print or show results for intervals over a certain threshold for both CO and CO2. As the threshold increases, the number of intervals recorded above that threshold is shown on screen. This helps prevent lengthy reports and allows quick demonstration to a customer of any potential issues.

All reports are date and timed stamped for traceability.

Easy to use and built to last – Made in the UK

Made from robust crash helmet material and featuring large, high contrast yellow buttons, the Anton Sprint Pro 4 is designed for everyday use. The new drop in style bag also provides great protection when transporting you Anton from job to job.

Anton Sprint Pro 4 Kits

Kit Variants
Pro4 Kit APro4 Kit B
Multi-function Flue Gas Analyser: BSI tested to EN50379-1:2012 & EN50379-3:2012 Use for BS7967 & BS8494
USB Charger and Lead
Sprint Pro Quick Drop in Bag
Sprint Pro Flue Probe with Water Stop Technology & Washable Particulate Filter
Pro Infrared Magnetic Printer (USB charging)
Pro BS7967 Probe Set
Sprint Pro Gas Escape Probe
Anton Pressure Relief Valve (APRV)
Standard Pressure Hose
AS10/Clamp Pipe Temperature Probe22
Spare Washable Particulate Filter
Calibration Certificate & Quick Start Guide
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