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Process after booking..

  • Calibration Collection
    1.. We Collect via UPS

    Securely package your instrument in a cardboard box. We will contact you (Mon-Fri 8:30-5:00) to arrange a suitable collection time and supply you with our address label. Attach the label to the outside of your box.

  • Calibration Process
    2.. We Calibrate

    Calibration typically takes 5-8 working days from us receiving the instrument. We will contact you when calibration has been completed.

  • Calibration Delivery
    3.. We Deliver via UPS

    Once we have processed payment your instrument will be returned to you. Call 01782 567099 or send a message if you have any queries.

Things to remember..

Fully charge your instrument before sending it to us

Include any test lead sets and probes

Include a copy of your own details inside the box

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Frequently Asked Questions..

  • What is Calibration?

    Calibration is the process of comparing the accuracy of an Instruments Readings to known Standards who’s traceability is maintained by National or International standards.

    At Test4Less it also means that your equipment gets cleaned and the case & leads safety checked. You would be amazed at how many Instruments arrive at our laboratory for calibration with taped up test leads, damaged probes and cases with holes in! We aim to keep you equipment inventory in tip top condition by making sure that you get the most from your investment.

  • Why is it Important?

    Within the Contracting Industry, Calibration is important to anyone issuing Test Certificates to clients (Including BS7671 / 17th Edition, Part P and Portable Appliance Testing results.)

    Without Calibration you do not have a recognised method of ensuring that the equipment used during these tests is accurate. You may fail installations or appliances that are perfectly fine or more importantly you may issue a pass Certificate on an installation that should have failed and could possibly be dangerous. Put simply, for such a small cost, let's all ensure we do this right.

  • Can I use a checkbox instead of calibrating my instrument?

    Checkboxes were never intended to replace an annual calibration check.They are intended to be used to confirm on-going accuracy between your annual calibration. Most checkboxes only have a very limited number of values that can be used to check against, compare this to the whole list of readings that you receive from a calibration laboratory who will be checking your equipment on calibrators which costs many thousands of pounds.

    By using a lab you can be sure that every range on your equipment is comprehensively checked giving you and your customer peace of mind in the results obtained.

    More and more customers are requesting calibration certificates of equipment used on their sites. Showing them a checkbox or a certificate showing half a dozen readings obtained from a checkbox is not really good enough.

    The UK's leading test equipment manufacturers including Megger, Fluke & Seaward all recommend annual calibration in a calibration laboratory to ensure ongoing accuracy verification of their equipment.

  • What is UKAS?

    The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is the sole UK National Accreditation body recognized by the government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection & Calibration Services. UK Test Instruments Ltd obtained UKAS recognition in 2008.

  • What is the difference between UKAS & Test4Less Standard Calibration?

    UKAS Certificates are generally more expensive as there are specific standards that must be complied with to issue a UKAS Certificate. Any Certificates issued will bear the UKAS Logo and will be fully traceable back to National Standards; UKAS carefully monitor our laboratory to ensure end to end compliance.

    Standard Test4Less Certificates are also of an extremely high calibre and also use standards traceable back to national standards.

    All procedures employed and results reported are in compliance with the international standards ISO/IEC17025

  • Why should I use a supplier registered to UKAS?

    Choosing Test4Less as your chosen supplier for your Calibration service means that you are confident of a professional service of the highest quality. UKAS Accreditation is an assurance to businesses that suppliers meet internationally recognised requirements for integrity and competence through regular UKAS assessments.

    We have an enviable reputation gained by offering a technically excellent level of service to our clients. All Test4Less certificates are issued to the high standards required and all measurements can be traced back to national standards.

    Our state of the art calibration and repair lab is designed for efficiency. This enables us to offer our customers the highest quality and turnaround possible.

  • Repair Service, what do we offer?

    Test4Less offer a convenient and cost effective fixed price repair service.

    The fixed prices are based on our average price for the repair of various types of equipment. The advantage is that at the time of booking your Instrument for repair you will know exactly how much the item will cost.

    It also means that when the equipment arrives in our service centre we get straight on with the repair as the quotation stage is not required, meaning you get your equipment back sooner.

  • I have an Instrument that needs repairing - How long will this take?

    Instruments that require repair are normally returned within 7 days.

    However we are sometimes at the mercy of other suppliers if non stocked spare parts are required.

    Where this is the case you will be informed of a revised delivery date. If we are unable to repair the item or it is beyond economical repair you may choose for us to return the unit to you or scrap the unit on your behalf.

  • How long is the Warranty on Repairs and what is covered?

    We do not warrant the whole Instrument but just the repair that has been carried out.

    Should the same fault develop again within 3 months of the repair and it is not due to operator error we will repair the unit again free of charge.

  • I would like to book a Calibration Day, how much notice do I need to give?

    As much as possible would be nice! We normally ask for 1 month but we can usually accommodate an urgent requirement if needed.

    Please call the Sales Department to check for availability.

*Carriage charges exclude VAT. Courier surcharges may apply to non-mainland UK postcodes