Advanced Testmate CAVIC Cavity Inspection Camera

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  • Waterproof, rigid 9mm stailess steel insertion probe
  • 90 degree side mounted camera
  • Wireless colour LCD monitor
  • Both probe and monitor included rechargable batteries
  • Two bright LED's with adjustable brightness

Note: The CAVIC camera is intended for outdoor use.
The camera can be used indoors but can be subject to interference from electrical devices that may cause the screen to flicker.

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Warranty 1 year
Price Match No

Advanced Testmate CAVIC Cavity Inspection Camera

The Advanced Testmate CAVIC features a 90 degree side view camera aboard a rigid probe, removing the need for fiddly and easily broken inspection mirrors. Simply insert the probe through into the cavity (using the protective sleeve provide), switch on and view the image on the separate, wireless 3.5 inch LCD monitor provided.

The insertion probe (300mm) is made from stainless steel and is IP67 waterproof, adding robustness and durability to an already very useful tool. Two super bright LED's either side of the camera ensure a clear image in poor or zero light conditions. Brightness of the LED's is easily adjustable to prevent unwanted glare.

A tough, padded aluminium case is also included to protect your camera, screen and accessories when being transported.

The uniqueness of the Testmate CAVIC Cavity Inspection Cameras means it is one of our best sellers and includes the following...

  • 9mm stainless steel insertion probe
  • Probe length 300mm
  • Side view camera head
  • 2 High brightness LED's, providing light up to 1.5 meters
  • Video out port
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 2.4 GHz wireless transmission
  • Waterproof level: IP67 (Probe Only)
  • 3.5 colour TFT-LCD wireless monitor
  • SD card recording, support Max 32GB MicroSD card (SD card NOT included)
  • Multi-language menu
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

What's Included?

  • Camera Probe & Power Cable
  • Monitor & Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Video out Cable
  • Protective sleeve
  • Magnet Stand for Monitor
  • Manual
  • Case
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