Celltron Advantage Digital Battery Analyser



Celltron Advantage Digital
  • Highly Capable, Dual Microprocessor , User Friendly Handheld Unit
  • Conductance Testing
  • Built In Wireless Communication
  • Light up probe and clamp testing interfaces
  • Unite Software for Centeralised Storage and reporting
(Size: 3 MB)
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Celltron Advantage Digital Battery Tester 

Preprogram - Export - Upoad 

The Celltron Advantage Digital Battery Tester is a fast , reliable battery tester capable of measuring battery conduntance, voltage ,temperatre and strap resistance.

This lightweight portable unit is perfect for many applications including battery health testing. The unit performs a full battery performance test for critical standby power applications , including substaion battery testing , telecommunications battery testing , Rail battery testing and Generator battery backups.

Built-in Wi-fi enables tester data to quickly and wirelessly be transmitted to and from the tester with no additional cards, cords,or hardware required.

The web-based UNITE™ software is a sophisticated database with advanced data visualization tools that accommodates Franklin’s portfolio of industrial IoT devices.It enables users to wirelessly pre-program site string details, export the details to the tester, and upload battery test for analysis and reporting.

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Why conductance testing ?

A battery’s “conductance” is the ability it has to conduct current, which is a direct indicator of the battery’s state-of-health.

The conductance-based diagnostics provided by the CELLTRON™ Advantage delivers a highly accurate and reliable predictor of the battery’s end of life. The unit completes all of the required tests in one unit with ease.  Auto test reduces the test time and allows the unit to be programmed according to Site, Strings and Jars.

Celltron Digital Battery Tester Video 

  • Battery Test - Standard - Conductance based battery testing
  • Data Manager - Upload , Download and delete testing data
  • Battery Manager - Select from a library of pre-loaded battery manufacturers and types.
  • Reports - Generate reports for individual battery string results.
  • Thresholds - Set tester thresholds for voltage, conductance, and temperature.
  • Quick Test - Start a test on a single cell or monoblock without setting up a site.
  • Favourite Setup - Setup Favourites for quick and easy access
  • Autostart - Sets tester to activate a test process on contact
  • Site Trending - Trend Analysis inc test comparisons in one scree
  • Capacity Manager - Record cell voltages on a times interval
  • Gen Start - Test the state of health for generator stating batteries
  • Digital Multimeter - Accuratly measure a battery DC or AC Voltage

Whats Included

  • Celltron Advantage Digital
  • Belt Loop
  • Battery Pack (2)
  • Universal Charger
  • 1 meter USB Cable
  • Backpack
  • Free 90 day Unite software
  • 4' Interchangable cable
  • 8' probe cable
  • Probe Set
  • Probe Tip Replacements
  • Clamp Set
  • Waffle replacements
  • Probe Extender for 8' Probe cables
  • Probe Extender for 4' probe cables
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