Chauvin Arnoux CA8345 Qualistar Class A Power Quality Analyser



  • Full compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Ed 3
  • Highly communicating instrument, Harmonics to 63rd order
  • 7 inch Large Colour Screen
  • Alarms, recordings, transients, Inrush, etc. Wifi Integration
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Warranty3 years
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Chauvin Arnoux CA8345 Qualistar Class A Power Quality Analyser

The CA8345 is the latest edition to the Qualistar range of power quality analysers from Chauvin Arnoux. It builds on all the great features people love in the previous products and is perfect for load studies, power quality surveys and energy logging. It is the first Class A certified product in the Qualistar Range. The unit is small and easy to install into a cabinet. Comfortable to handle and equipped with an intuitive GUI, these analysers offer high measurement accuracy.

The CA 8345 is used:

  • To measure the RMS values, powers, and disturbances of power distribution networks.
  • To take a snapshot of the main characteristics of a three-phase network.
  • To track variations of the different parameters over time.

The measurement uncertainty of the instrument is better than 0.1% for voltage measurements and 1% for current measurements.
The instrument provides a large choice of current sensors, for measurements from a few milliamperes up to several kiloamperes.
The instrument is compact and impact-resistant.
The ergonomics and simplicity of its user interface make it a pleasure to use. The CA 8345 has a large colour touch screen graphic
display unit. It can also manage 3 user profiles.
The SD card can store a large quantity of measurements and photographs, which can be read directly on a PC. It is also possible
to use a USB drive (optional).
The instrument can communicate by USB, wifi, or Ethernet.
The instrument has a remote user interface (VNC) allowing remote control from a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone.
The PAT3 application software processes the recorded data and generates reports

Measurement Functions

These serve to make the following measurements and calculations:
Measurement of the RMS values of AC voltages up to 1000 V between terminals. Using ratios, the instrument can reach hundreds of gigavolts.
Measurement of the RMS values of AC currents up to 10,000 A (neutral included). Using ratios, the instrument can reach hundreds of kiloamperes.
Automatic detection of the type of current sensor and powering of the sensor if necessary.
Measurement of the DC component of voltages and currents (neutral included).
Measurement of RMS voltage and current (without neutral) over minimum and maximum half-cycles.
Calculation of forward, reverse, and zero sequence voltage/ current unbalances.
Measurement of inrush current, application to motor start-up.
Measurement of peak values of voltages and currents (neutral included).
Measurement of the frequency of 50-Hz and 60-Hz networks.
Measurement of the current and voltage crest factors (neutral included).
Calculation of the harmonic loss factor (FHL), application to transformers in the presence of harmonic currents.
Calculation of the K factor (FK), application to transformers in the presence of harmonic currents.40 alarms per user profile.
Log of events such as voltage dips, overvoltages, interruptions, transients, rapid voltage changes (RVC), and synchronisation.
Measurement of the total harmonic distortion of currents and of voltages (without neutral) referred to the fundamental (THD in %f).
Measurement of the total harmonic distortion of currents and of voltages (neutral included) referred to the AC RMS value (THD in %r)
Measurement of active, reactive (capacitive and inductive), non-active, distorting, and apparent power, per phase and total (without neutral).
Measurement of the power factor (PF) and of the displacement factor (DPF or cos φ) (without neutral).
Measurement of the distorting RMS value (d) for currents and voltages (without neutral).
Measurement of the short-term flicker of voltages (Pst) (without neutral).
Measurement of the long-term flicker of voltages (Plt) (without neutral).

Chauvin CA8345 Power Analyser Overview Video 

CA8345 Product Specifications


Voltage/current, isolated


5 V to 1,000 Vac and Vdc

IEC 61000-4-30 (Ed 3)

Class A (Full)


7" colour LCD touch screen: 800 x 480 (WVGA)

Clock / GPS

Yes, built-in

Real-time mode


Sampling rate

Voltage 400 kSps / Current 200 kSps / Surge 2 MSps

Power mode


Energy mode


Unbalance mode


Harmonics mode

DC to 63rd order

Interharmonics mode

0 to 62nd order

Trend recording

> 900 parameters

Alarm mode (types / number)

52 / 20,000

Carrier current detection mode


Inrush capture (number)


2.5 µs transients (number)

No maximum (SD card)


Up to 12 kV sampled every 500ns

EN50160 monitoring mode

With PAT3 software

USB communication


SD card

Accessible, external





Web server


USB key port (Type A)


Battery cartridge

Li-ion – 5800 Ah

IEC 61010 safety

CAT IV 1000V



Operating temperature

[+0 °C; +40 °C]

Environmental compliance

IEC 61557-12 & IEC 62586

Dimensions (H x L x D)

200x285x55 mm / 1.9 kg

Whats Included 

  • Safety datasheet
  • 5 reeling boxes
  • Shoulder bag
  • USB A/B cable 1.80 m long
  • Multilingual Quick Start Guide
  • Set of 5 banana leads and crocodile clips
  • Set of identification inserts and rings
  • Verification certificate
  • Removable wrist strap
  • Magnetic hook
  • SD memory card
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