Chauvin Arnoux PEL103 Energy Logger



  • Voltage, current, voltage ratio/current ratio, power, phase, harmonics & phase order
  • Quad line digital display and IP54 rated
  • Versatile – Integrates with single phase, split phase and three phase set ups
  • Logs data to supplied 2GB internal SD card which can be download to PC
  • Magnetised back cover for easy installation
More Information
Warranty1 year
Price MatchYes

The Chauvin Arnoux PEL103 is an advanced energy and power logger that calculates voltage, current, voltage ratio/current ratio, power, energy, phase, harmonics (up to 50th order) and phase order all in one unit. Perfect for business owners, facility, industrial and commercial mangers tasked with reducing energy waste.

Results can be viewed in real time on the quad line digital backlit display (the main upgrade from the previous PEL102) as well as being logged on the internal 2GB SD card. Download the results to PC for storage and analysis with the included PEL transfer software.

The Chauvin Arnoux PEL103 is deigned to be as slim and versatile as possible. It can be used with almost any installation. Single phase, three phase, split or other complex configurations. The magnetised back means the PEL 103 can be fitted inside most closed cabinet installation with ease and out of sight, perfect for extended periods of continuous recording.

PEl103 key features
Quad line back lit display
Slim design with magnetic rear cover
Can be installed without interrupting mains power
Analyse voltage, current, voltage ratio/current ratio, power, energy, phase, harmonics and phase order.
See results in real time
Log out of hours energy use and save money on electricity bills
Data transfer to PC with PEL transfer software
Record harmonics to up to the 50th order

What’ included
4 measurement leads (straight banana, 3 m long, black)
4 crocodile clips (black)
1 SD card (2 GB)
1 set of rings and inserts (for ends of leads and current sensors)
1 mains cable
1 USB cable (Type A, Type B)
1 Multifix mounting systems
1 operating manual (on CD)
1 bag
1 safety datasheet
PEL Transfer PC software
Quick start-up guide
SD Card to USB adapter

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