Di-log 18th Edition Advanced Multifunctional Tester DL9130EV




The DL9130EV Advanced 18th Edition Multifunctional Tester has been designed specifically for service engineers that offer EV installation as part of their electrical installation portfolio.

Features & Benefits

  • EV Auto RCD Sequence
  • Type AC, A, B & Selective RCDs
  • 6mA RDC-DD for EV Testing
  • Variable RCD Test
  • Rmax and Zmax Feature
  • Intelligent Auto Sensing High
  • Current 2 & 3 Wire Loop Test
  • New Colour Changing RGB Display
  • Selectable 15/200mA Continuity Test
  • Remote Test Probe
  • Full UKAS Calibration Certificate
More Information
Price MatchNo
Warranty2 years

Di-log DL9130EV Multifunctional Tester

The DL9130EV has many new and exciting features critical to the safe verification of EVSE Charge Station Installation including 6mA pure DC test for RDC-DD verification and a full EV testing sequence for verifying the DC protection provided by the EV charger, along with the Type A RCD protection.

A totally new feature added specifically to the DL9130EV is Rmax, this brand-new concept will automatically capture the maximum R1+R2 continuity test reading registering the result on the secondary display for recording once testing is complete. In addition, Di-LOG has added the Zmax feature.

Along with a brand new RGB colour changing screen that visually indicates potential pass/fail conditions, the DL9130EV offers, at the press of a button, Zmax, which will record the maximum Zs test recorded during a recording session, the addition of a Type B RCD test, a fully automated Continuity & Earth Loop Auto Start with a secondary display to capture the recorded results, 2/3 wire high current loop with intelligent detection identifying if the user is conducting a 2 wire or 3 wire Loop/PSCC measurement without the need for selection and a variable RDC test feature to dial in bespoke mA values.

The DL9130EV offers incredible value and is the perfect tool for EV installation testing, and EV charge point installation which complies with all the safety and performance requirements of BS EN 61557.

Product Video

A comparison table of recent di-log 18th edition MFT's is below

Loop testing
2-wire no-trip test--
Conventional 3-wire no-trip test L-PE
Max. Zs display---
R Max (Max R1+R2 recording)---
PSCC and PFC (26kA max.) (L-PE/L-N)
Phase-Phase Line Test (L-L)-
Auto Start Loop & Continuity
Insulation testing
250V, 500V voltages---
250V, 500V and 1kV test voltages
Alarm Warning Audible
Alarm Warning Audible & Screen--
Continuity and resistance
200mA test current for certification
15mA test current to prolong battery life ( 200mA Selectable)---
Auto start continuity test
Voltage / Frequency and Phase Rotation
0V to 440V0-480V0-480V
Frequency 45Hz to 65Hz
Phase Rotation-
RCD testing
10, 30, 100, 300, 500mA RCDs
High Speed auto RCD test
Ramp test for RCD fault finding
Type A, type AC and Type S RCDs
Variable RCDs---1mA - 500mA
Type B RCDs--
6 mA RDC-CC (EVSE)---
Auto EV RCD Test Sequence---
Additional benefits
CATIII 600V rated IEC61010
Remote test probe--
Colour RGB display
Colour change indicates error
Hard plastic carry case
IP40 Rating
Calibration certificate included

DiLog DL9130EV 18th Edition Advanced EV Multifunction Tester Key Features

  • A multifunction installation tester with an array of functions critical to ensuring the safe verification of EVSE charge points
  • Designed for service engineers offering EV installation 6mA pure DC test for RDC-DD verification
  • Full EV auto test sequence
  • Rmax
  • Zmax
  • Intelligent auto-detecting two- or three-wire high-current loop test
  • Loop impedance/PSCC
  • Auto start loop and continuity tests with a null facility
  • Type AC, A, B & selective (S) RCD testing
  • Variable RCD test
  • Auto RCD testing
  • 250V, 500V, and 1000V insulation tests
  • Phase to phase loop with phase rotation test
  • Phase rotation test
  • Integrated socket polarity test
  • Colour LCD display
  • Colour-changing RGB screen for indicating PASS/FAIL results
  • Compliant with BS EN 61557 safety and performance requirements
  • Fully protected against damage when accidentally connected across phases
  • A comprehensive MFT suitable for verifying the safety of EVSE charge points
What's Included
  • Di-LOG Advanced EV 18th Edition Multifunction Tester
  • Padded Neck Strap
  • Toolbox style carry case
  • Mains leads
  • 1.2M blue test lead
  • 1.2M red test lead
  • 1.2M green test lead
  • Blue crocodile clip
  • Red crocodile clip
  • Green crocodile clip
  • (AA) 1.5v batteries x 6
  • Operating instruction manual
  • Calibration certificate
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