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  1. Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter



    100% of 100
    • Feature packed voltage, resistance, frequency and capacitance
    • Compact with stand feature and includes test leads
    • Built in LoZ mode to filter out effect of ghost voltage
    • True-RMS measurement for measuring nonsinusodial waves
    • Large, LED back lit display
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  2. Fluke 116 HVAC Multimeter



    • Designed specifically for HVAC applications
    • Includes temperature measurement and probe
    • Microamp measurement for testing flame sensors
    • Voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance and diode testing
    • Backlit display for use in dark areas
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  3. Martindale EZ165 Socket & Non-Trip Earth Loop Tester



    • Quick & easy mains socket polarity and earth testing
    • Red/Green LEDs show 28 fault conditions
    • Non-trip earth loop impedance test
    • Tough sculpted design for easy removal
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  4. Martindale ET4500 Multifunction Tester (Promo Kit)



    • 18th edition multifunction tester
    • Memory and download for documenting results
    • PC software for upload and download included
    • Three wire earth testing capability
    • Remote start probe with test button
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  5. Fluke 1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester with Fluke Connect



    • Fluke’s flagship multifunction tester with Fluke Connect
    • Automatically carries out 5 required installation tests in one sequence
    • Insulation PreTest prevents potentially serious and costly mistakes
    • FlukeCloud allows you to share your results
    • Test smooth DC sensitive RCDs (Type B/B+)
    • IN STOCK
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