Underground Cable Locators

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  1. Leica Trace Rod (50m and 80m)



    • Use in conjunction with the Signal Transmitter & locator
    • Pipe width: >100mm diameter
    • Can be used to Line or Sonde mode to trace route of duct or blockage
    • Rod diameter: 4.5mm (0.2")
    • Sonde diameter: 8mm (0.3")
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  2. Leica DA220 / DA230 Transmitters (Choice of model)



    • 1 Watt or 3 Watt options available
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery as standard
    • IP67 rating
    • 3 Year warrant
    • Allows depth or current measurement
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  3. Leica DD220 / DD230 SMART Utility Locator (Choice of model and kit)



    • SMARTTechnology; GPS, Bluetooth®, 8GB internal memory
    • Power, Radio, Auto modes
    • Good-to-Go™Health Check and Start up test
    • On-board video user guides
    • IP66 rating -protection from dust and water
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  4. Leica DD120 / DD130 Utility Locator 50Hz (Choice of model and kit)



    • Automatic pinpointing
    • Power, radio, auto modes
    • Good-to-Go™ health check and start up test
    • IP54 rating - protection from dust and water
    • Up to 10m depth (DD130 model)
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  5. RadioDetection gCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool with Depth Estimation (EN03)



    • Most advanced tool in CAT4 range with depth estimation
    • Includes StrikeAlert warning for shallow buried utilities
    • Promotes correct usage with SWING feature
    • Internal GPS logs location history
    • Data acquisition works with CAT Manger software
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