Extech MO55 Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter



  • Data Hold freezes reading on display
  • Built-in battery level check and measurement verification test
  • Auto Power Off conserves battery power
  • Complete with pins (2), protective cap, and 9V battery
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Warranty2 years
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Extech MO55: Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

Take quick moisture measurements on wood and other building materials with a choice of either pin or pinless method. The MO55 is simple to use; it has clear moisture level indication which is shown as both a percentage on screen and also an audible tone rate that beeps faster as the level of moisture increases.

For added simplicity, the Extech MO55 features separate pre-set alarm values for wood and other building materials. The user can therefore quickly identify if the percentage shown on screen indicates low, medium or high moisture content.

Extech MO55 application examples

  • Detect wall moisture content in homes and caravans
  • Identify moisture as a result of poorly installed insulation
  • Prove the existence of damp problems
  • Check for moisture in wood, plaster, concrete and mortar
  • Analyse after effects of water leakage behind walls and ceilings
  • Building and restoration projects

Extech MO55 features

  • Pin and pinless (non-invasive) measurement
  • Clearly displays moisture content as a percentage
  • Icons display low, medium and high levels of moisture content
  • Audible Alert: Tone rate beeps faster as moisture level increases
  • Easy to use with just one hand
  • Lightweight and portable for use on site
  • Auto power off conserves battery power
  • Protective cap ensures safe transportation
  • Built-in battery level check and measurement verification
  • Data Hold freezes reading on display
Sensor TypeContact PinsPinless sensor
Wood Moisture Range5 to 50%0 to 99%
Other Building Materials1.5 to 33%0 to 99%
Wood Moisture Icon Levels

Low: 5% to 11.9%;

Medium: 12% to 15.9%;

High: 16 to 50%

Low: 0 to 16.9%;

Medium: 17 to 29.9%;

High: 30 to 99.9%

Building Material Icon Levels

Low: 1.5% to 16.9%;

Medium: 17% to 19.9%;

High: 20 to 33%

Low: 0 to 16.9%;

Medium: 17 to 29.9%;

High: 30 to 99.9%

Dimensions/Weight6.7x2.6x1.2" (170x65x30mm) / 4.2oz (120g)

What's Included?

  • Extech MO55
  • Protective Cap
  • 9V battery
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