FLIR Scout II 320 Thermal Camera



  • Designed for wildlife observation, security and surveillance.
  • Detect heat sources at up to 450 metres away.
  • Ideal for go-anywhere operations, in all circumstances. 
  • Fits in any pack, withstands hard drops and shallow water.
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Warranty 1 year
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FLIR Scout II 320 Thermal Camera

Flir Scott II 320 is a mid to high resolution hand held thermal imager which is designed for wildlife observation, security and surveillance. Equipped with an uncooled, maintenance free thermal microbolometer detector system the Scout PS32 thermal camera produces a 320x240 pixel thermal image picture day and night offering a higher sensitivity and higher res image than the Flir Scout PS24.

Now complete with 640x480 LCD display. The perfect hand held spotter for foxing or vermin control at night, this new thermal imager is ideal for wildlife surveillance, day or night and can be used to detect heat sources at up to 450metres away and has the added bonus of a push button 2x digital zoom, to see more detail on objects at extended range. The user can switch between white hot and black hot, or activate the InstAlert to highlight the hottest part of the animal which is ideal for distinguishing wildlife from surroundings which may have retained heat from the evening sun. All cameras are equipped with advanced internal camera software that delivers a crisp image without the need for user adjustments and are ready to use at the touch of a button, with 4 simple to use buttons on the top of the unit to control functions, conveniently located underneath your fingertips as you hold the unit.

The FLIR Scout II series are compact and extremely light systems and they are ideal for go-anywhere operations, in all circumstances. Both versions of the FLIR Scout Series come with long-life rechargeable Li-Ion batteries and will operate up to 5 hours on a single load. A task light is situated on the front housing which is ideal for illuminating a small area when walking in the field. All versions of the FLIR Scout PS-Series come with the unique InstAlert. This feature colors the hottest parts in the thermal image red. It makes it very easy to spot animals or human beings in the thermal image.

See At Night In Any Terrain:

  • Bright LCD screen displays animals and people in total darkness
  • 13 mm (240 model) and 19 mm (320 model) lenses provide broad situational awareness
  • Detects heat signatures up to 550 yards away, depending on model
  • 640 x 480 pixel LCD screen displays crisp and clear imagery
  • Produces better scene contrast than I2 night vision
  • Built in Viewfinder Display: Color VGA LCD Display
  • Polarity Detection Pallets: White Hot; Black Hot; InstAlert Red
  • Video Output: NTSC Video; 9 Hz Refresh Rate

Grab And Go Simplicity:

  • Starts up in seconds, no training required
  • Easy-to-use menu: Power, Polarity, Zoom, and LCD Brightness
  • Up to 2X e-zoom (320 model)
  • Freeze Frame feature (240 model)
  • Detection palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, and InstAlertT
  • Utility light for finding items dropped in the dark
  • Compact And Rugged
  • Fits in any pack, withstands hard drops and shallow water
  • Fits easily in the palm of your hand
  • Light weight, only 12 ounces
  • Weather-tight, ergonomic design
  • >5-hour Internal Li-Ion battery


  • Detector Type: 320 × 240 VOx Microbolometer
  • Focal Length: 19mm
  • Field of View: 24° × 18°
  • Waveband: 7.5 - 13.5 µm
  • Freeze Frame: No
  • Digital E Zoom: 2x
  • Start Up: <5 seconds
  • Focus: Fully automatic
  • Dipoter Adjustment: +/-2
  • USB Port: For charging or software updates

Detection Performance:

  • Man Sized Object: 450m
  • Small Vessel Object: 1.23km
  • Image Display

Physical Specification:

  • Size: 172 × 59 × 62 mm 
  • Weight: 340grams
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Tripod Mount: Included
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67
  • Operating Temp: -20 to +50C
  • Accessories included: Wrist Strap, USB Cable, Product CD
  • Optionally available: Charging Cradle, Soft Carrying Pouch
  • Battery Type: Internal lithiumion
  • Recharging: USB cable or optional charging cradle
  • Run Time: 5 hours nominal
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