Fluke 1732 Three Phase Electrical Energy Logger



  • Discover where you’re wasting energy - reduce your energy bill
  • Optimize your facility’s energy use
  • Discovering sources of electrical energy waste
  • Review energy usage logs without being a power quality expert
  • Energy studies: Log, review and improve all with one device
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Fluke 1732 Three Phase Electrical Energy Logger

The Fluke 1732 is designed to show you energy and cost reduction opportunities within your business. Discover when and where you’re wasting money and reduce your energy bill simply and effectively, without needing to be a power quality expert.

This version version includes three 12 inch iFlex probes that are suitable for measuring current up to 1500A AC (i17xx-flex 1500 12”). The thin and flexible nature of the iFlex provides ultimate measurement flexibility, even in tight spaces.

The Fluke 1732 Energy Logger is ideal for:

  • General facilities staff
  • Facilities engineers for managers
  • Building mangers concerned with energy costs
  • Residential and commercial electricians
  • Energy consultants
  • Anyone looking to reduce wasted energy

Measure what you need

The Fluke 1732 Energy Logger can be used from the service entrance down to individual circuits, making it even easier to find exactly where energy is potentially being wasted and enabling you to optimise your facilities energy use. With the Fluke 1732 you can log data continuously for up to 10 days, allowing for a realistic snapshot of your businesses operations. Over 20 separate logging sessions can be stored in the instruments memory. These can be viewed whilst the device is still logging or before downloading.

Applications for the Fluke 1732

  • Energy studies: Log, review and improve all with one device. Pinpoint key inefficiencies and measure the effectiveness of improvements carried out.
  • Energy assessments: Gather data from the whole electrical system, from service entrance to individual loads, giving you a fully informed overview of energy usage throughout the business.
  • Load studies: Use the Fluke 1732 on individual items of equipment to determine if they are running at optimum capacity.

iFlex probes included

Small, robust and simply to use, 3 12” thin flexi probes are included which are designed to fit in with almost any system and can measure up to 1500A. The device can also be powered directly from the measured circuit as opposed to requiring a mains outlet which may not always be available. A guided, graphical set up display on screen ensures correct setup every time, as well as intelligent verification that automatically accommodates for incorrect connections.

Fluke 1732 vs 1734 comparison

FeatureFluke 1732Fluke 1734
Measure V, I, kW, Cos/DPF, kWhr
Measure MIN/MAX and AVG values
10 day logging
THD measurement (V & I)
USB connectivity
Wireless download-
Fluke Connect app-
600 V/CAT IV safety rated
Power from measurement line

Fluke Energy Analyse Plus software included (FREE download).
This software is designed to make interpreting the logged data from the 1732 as straightforward as possible. Hereby making it simple to identify energy and cost saving improvements. It can be downloaded free form the Fluke website.

Quickly create reports that show multiple data points over time that can then be shared with colleagues or customers. Show clear comparisons before and after improvements have been put in place.

What's included

  • FLUKE-1732 Energy Logger
  • Power Supply
  • Voltage Test Lead
  • Dolphin Clip, Black
  • Set of three Thin-Flexi Current Probes, 30.5 cm (12 in)
  • Color-coded Wire Clips
  • Power Cord (see Figure 1)
  • Test lead with stackable plugs, 10 cm (3.9 in)
  • Test lead with stackable plugs, 1.5 m (5 ft)
  • DC Power Cable
  • USB Cable A, Mini-USB
  • Soft Storage Bag/Case
  • Input Connector Decal
  • The power cord and input connector decal are country-specific and vary according to the order destination.
  • Documentation Info Pack (Quick Reference Card, Safety, Information, Battery Pack Safety Information, iFlex Probe, Safety Information, i40s-EL Current Clamp Safety Information
  • 4 GB USB Flash Drive (includes User’s Manual)
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