Fluke 1775 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyser



  • Automatically measure power and power quality parameters
  • At-a-glance power quality health for faster troubleshooting
  • Easily view V/A/Hz, power, dips, swells, and harmonics data
  • 1MHz sampling capability to capture fast transients
  • Power directly from measurement circuit without a line cord
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Fluke 1775 Three-Phase Power Quality Analyser

The Fluke 1775 three phase power quality analyser is the mid-range tester in the Fluke 1770 series. It retains all the features of the Fluke 1773, plus includes wireless, Bluetooth and high speed transient capture up to ±8kV with a sample rate of 1MS/s. This makes the Fluke 1775 an ideal tool for carrying out a range of applications…

  • Energy surveys and load testing
  • Harmonics surveys
  • Nuisance circuit breaker tripping
  • Electric utility power quality surveys
  • Discovery of equipment failures caused by 8kV microsecond transients

Simple set up

On screen instructions guide the user through the correct set up in accordance with the system under test. Connection errors are also digital autocorrected, meaning you won’t need to worry about going back for a second measurement.

The Fluke 1775 features automatic measurement technology for more than 500 power quality parameters by default. Recorded data can be seen in real time on the touch screen, or downloaded at a later date and shared with Fluke Energy Analyse Plus software.

Another feature of the 1775 is that is powers itself from the system under test. This means the user never has to worry about battery life during longer logging periods. When not connected to a system, the 1775 has a 90 minute battery life, ideal for viewing or downloading data.

Fluke 1770 series overview video

*Wi-Fi is NOT available on the Fluke 1773*

Capture high speed voltage transients

Identify and stop high speed voltage transients before they become a problem. Transients can affect systems that appear otherwise healthy. Impulsive and oscillatory transients can cause a range of issues, from insulation failures to total equipment failure. The Fluke 1775 Power Quality Analyser has 1MHz sampling capability to capture fast transients.

Two instruments in one

The Fluke 1775 combines the troubleshooting features of a power quality meter with logging capabilities of a power quality analyser. This provides the Fluke 1775 with the unique ability to identify issues as they happen in the field, which can be seen in real time, or capture intermittent faults over time.

Fluke Energy Analyse Plus

This powerful software package is included with the Fluke 1775. Results can be downloaded, analysed, tracked and reported on whilst still in the field, or after a study has been completed.

Quickly compare results to historical values, benchmark against industry norms, compare measured data to local conditions, and create a more complete picture of what’s occurring across your facility

Observe current harmonics before distortion appears in the voltage allowing you to prevent unexpected failures or non-compliance situations and increase system uptime. With the proliferation of inverter-based loads and power generation, keeping current harmonics in check is becoming increasingly critical to ensure reliable power quality and avoid system downtime.

How to use logger mode - Fluke 1770 series

How to view live measurements - Fluke 1770 series

Fluke 1773 vs 1775 vs 1777

Energy studies
Measure V, I, kW, Cos/DPF, kWhr
Measure MIN/MAX and AVG values
10 day logging
Basic harmonics study
THD measurement (V & I)
Harmonics 1 to 25 for V & I
Advanced harmonics study
Full harmonic spectrum
Power harmonics
Basic industrial PQ troubleshooting
Oscilloscope function
Voltage dips and swells
Advanced PQ troubleshooting
Comprehensive logging capability
Advanced Features
Transients-1 MHz20 MHz
Mains signaling-
Event waveform capture-
Wireless download-
600 V/CAT IV
1000 V/CAT III

What's included

  • FLUKE-1775 Power Quality Analyzer
  • I17XX-FLEX1500 24 iFLEX 1500A 24 IN (2.0M) current probes (set of four)
  • FLUKE-17XX flat cable voltage test lead 3-phase+N
  • AC285 black alligator clips (set of four)
  • AC285 green alligator clip
  • Black 1m USB-C cable
  • Line cord
  • FLK-17XX 0.18M test lead set
  • Green test lead
  • MP1-3R/1B Magnet Probe set
  • FLUKE-174X-HANGER magnetic hanging kit
  • FLUKE-177X-4204, WI-FI/BLE module
  • Cable marker set (for voltage and current)
  • FLUKE-174X-MA-C8 wall outlet adapter
  • Black soft case
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