Fluke CV200 ClirVu 50 mm (2 inch) Infrared Window



  • Ultimate protection for the electricians, engineers and inspectors
  • Perfect for very hot and very cold environments.
  • Exclusive to Fluke infrared windows
  • Installs and grounds in less than 5 minutes
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Warranty1 year

Fluke CV200 ClirVu 50 mm (2 inch) Infrared Window

A company's greatest investment is not the equipment that's behind the panel door; top priority is to offer the ultimate protection for the electricians, engineers and inspectors who risk their lives every day doing their jobs.

The ClirVu coating - exclusive to Fluke infrared windows - seals the optic prior to assembly to protect against moisture degradation making it perfect for very hot and very cold environments.

Each Fluke infrared window is delivered with an identification plate attached for unique, on-site numbering for rapid location confirmation and faster repairs.

For a security key access option see the CV201 IR Window.

The CV Series of infrared windows are also available in 75 mm (3 in) and 95 mm (4 in) sizes.

Installs and grounds in less than 5 minutes.

  • One technician
  • One hole with standard Greenlee punch
  • Panel door does not need to be removed
  • Grounds instantly to metal enclosure with patent-pending AutoGroundT process
  • Maintains panel arc test ratings up to 63kA when properly installed

Work more efficiently with Fluke ClirVu CV200 50 mm (2 in) Infrared Windows

  • NFPA 70E processes significantly reduced due to less work permit requirements
  • Faster and more comfortable inspections because full PPE is often not required
  • Reduce the risk of arc-flash and electrocution, increase the safety of your personnel and reduce the time and cost of preventive maintenance
  • CV200 is Torture TestedT to the highest arc blast test ratings IEEE C37.20.7: 63 kA Arc tested at KEMA, UL 50/50E/50V, UL1558, IEC60529-1: IP67, IEC 60068, NEMA 4/12, CSA C22.2 NO. 14-13:2012, and CE

General Specifications:

  • Size: 50 mm (2 in)
  • Voltage range: Any
  • NEMA environment type: Type 4/12 (indoor/outdoor)
  • AutoGroundT: Yes
  • ClirVu optic: Yes
  • Operating temperature: -40 C to +232 C (-40 F to +450 F) and +260 C (500 F) intermittent
  • Compatible with all Fluke cameras: Yes
  • Jam nut locking system: Yes
  • Cover and fastener permanently attached: Yes
  • Single-hole install: Yes
  • Hand turn and security key door latch options: Yes
  • Visual inspection and fusion capable: Yes
  • Short/Mid/Long-wave IR and UV capable: Yes

Ratings and Testing:

  • Arc-tested (IEEE C37.20.7): 63 kA for 30 cycles @ 60 Hz at KEMA
  • UL 50V component recognition: Yes
  • UL 50 /NEMA environmental rating: NEMA Type 4/12
  • UL1558: Yes
  • CSA C22.2 No.: Yes
  • CSA type rating: Type 4
  • IP rating: IP67 at TUV
  • Lloyds register: Up to 11 kV marine switchgear, indoor or outdoor (offshore only)
  • Vibration rating: IEC60068-2-6 at TUV
  • Humidity rating: IEC60068-2-3 at TUV


  • Actual mounting hole diameter required: 61.37 mm (2.416 in)
  • Greenlee punch kit = punch/die: 76BB = 441AV/442AV
  • Recommended max panel thickness: 10 gauge
  • Overall window height: 112.9 mm (4.45 in)
  • Overall window width: 83.0 mm (3.27 in)
  • Overall window thickness: 16.2 mm (0.64 in)
  • Door latch: Hand Turn


  • Optic insert diameter: 50 mm (1.97 in)
  • Viewing aperture diameter: 42.93 mm (1.690 in)
  • Viewing aperture area: 1445 sq.mm (2.24 sq. in)
  • Thickness: 2 mm (0.08 in)

Warranty: Lifetime replacement against manufacturing defects

What's Included?

  • 2 in (50 mm) IR Window
  • Hand turn door latch
  • Warranty statement
  • Fluke IR Windows are complete, assembled and ready for installation
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