Fluke FC v3001 Wireless DC Voltage Module with Fluke Connect



  • Measurements of DC voltage up to 1000V
  • Suitable for use by itself or as part of a measurement network
  • Wireless connectivity with other Fluke Connect equipment
  • Stores up to 65000 individual records
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Warranty 2 years
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Fluke FC v3001 Wireless DC Voltage Module with Fluke Connect

See it. Save it. Share it.

All the facts, right in the field. The Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module is one member of a family of wireless test tools that let you share test data using the Fluke ConnectT app with ShareLiveT video call.

Fluke Connect Wireless Test Tools put tools, not your body, near live electrical panels. It's simple. Connect the v3001 FC wireless DC voltage module, or any of the other Fluke Connect remote modules, and read the results on the Fluke Connect Wireless Multimeter or a portable PC from a safe distance.

Better still, the Fluke Connect test tools can send measurement data to your smartphone, so you can save and share measurements from the field with your team anytime, from anywhere.

Don't get bogged down while Isolating Intermittent Electrical Faults:

Timing is everything when trying to find an intermittent problem and the hard part is, it doesn't always show up when you have your meter connected. We've solved that problem with Fluke Connect - leave your remote modules connected to log measurements and walk away to address other issues. You can then download the data for further analysis.

Work Safely Near Electrical Panels While Wearing Less PPE:

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can save your life, but it's bulky, hot and hard to work in. With Fluke Connect, there's no need to work in front of live open panels or moving/hazardous machinery.

Picture having the ability to access live readings without being exposed to the live panel. It's easy. Just de-energize the cabinet, open the panel while wearing PPE and connect one or more v3001 FC modules. Close the cabinet, re-energize and let the Fluke Connect system work, reducing the risk of arc flash by separating yourself from hazardous measurement situations.

The Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module is Fully Functional DC voltage meter that Wirelessly Relays DC Voltage Measurements to other Fluke Connect enabled master units, listed below:

  • Fluke 3000 FC DMM
  • Fluke Ti200/300/400 Infrared Camera
  • PC via optional pc3000 FC Adapter
  • Fluke Connect Mobile app

With the Fluke v3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module You Can:

  • Measure up to 1000 V DC
  • Use as a standalone meter or as part of the system
  • Use the logging function for recording and saving up to 65,000 readings

What's included:

  • Fluke v3001 Voltage Module
  • TL222 Test Leads
  • AC220 Alligator Clips
  • Magnetic hanging strap
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