Fluke TiS75+ Thermal Imaging Camera



FLU/TIS75+ 9Hz
  • Thermal resolution 384 x 288 (110,592 pixels)
  • -20 °C to 550 °C temperature measurement range
  • Manual focus for added control and clear images
  • Video recording in standard and radiometric formats
  • Includes two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
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Warranty 1 year
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Fluke TiS75+ Thermal Imaging Camera

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Capture, clear, crisp professional thermal images with the Fluke TiS75+ thanks to its user controlled manual focus and 384 x 288 infra-red resolution. The Fluke TiS75+ captures over 110,000 individual temperature reference points in every image, allowing for detailed analysis where smaller temperature differences need to be monitored. This camera has been designed with a 20°C to 550°C temperature measurement range (accurate to ±2°C or 2%, whichever is greater) making it a great choice for almost any application.

Keeping in line with Fluke’s reputation for ruggedness and ease of use, The Fluke TiS75+ is IP54 rated against water and dust ingress as well engineered to survive a 2 meter drop. The comfortable pistol grip style allows operation with one hand. A simple trigger press will take an image, whilst rotating the focus wheel will ensure images are always in focus.

Ditch the clipboard

Proactive maintenance should be fast and simple. The Fluke TiS75+ makes this possible by allowing the user to record voice annotations, IR-PhotoNotes and asset tagging.

Voice annotation

  • Record up to 60 seconds per thermal image
  • Say what you see in real time for more detailed analysis later


  • Take photos of asset number and other identifiers
  • Use during analysis for referencing thermal images

Asset tagging

  • Easily sort your images by asset
  • Scan a QR code on your asset, then start capturing thermal images

Connect your camera to your computer to view the images, sorted by asset

What are the differences between the Fluke Ti75+ and Fluke TiS55+?

The two cameras are identical in appearance and built to the same rugged standard that make them both ideal for frequent use. The Fluke TiS75+ has several additional features compared to the Fluke TiS55+

  • Higher infra-red resolution of 384 x 288 compared to 256 x 192
  • Video recording: Standard and radiometric formats. Up to 5 minutes recording length
  • Remote control operation via Fluke connect allowing the user to keep a safer distance
  • Wider field of view (42° x 30°) to capture more in each image
  • 5 user-adjustable spot markers for a single pixel each (as opposed to 3 on TiS55+)
  • 5 user defined measurement boxes (as opposed to 3 on TiS55+)
  • On screen dew point calculation feature
  • Includes two lithium ion rechargeable batteries allowing longer use

The Fluke TiS75+ additional features make it an even more powerful preventive maintenance tool. It uses Fluke IR fusion technology that combines both the visible and thermal image to provide as much detail as possible and allows easy troubleshooting down to component level.

Fluke TiS75+ key features

  • Thermal resolution 384 x 288 (110,592 pixels)
  • -20 °C to 550 °C temperature measurement range
  • Manual focus for added control and clear images
  • Wide 42° x 30° field of view to capture more in one image
  • 5" (8.9 cm landscape) touchscreen 640 x 480 LCD
  • Thermal sensitivity: 40mk for high accuracy
  • Built in 5mp digital camera (visible light)
  • Video recording in standard and radiometric formats
  • Record videos up to 5 minutes long
  • Remote operation via Fluke Connect app
  • IR fusion blends visible and thermal image
  • Identify possible damp sources with dew point indicator
  • Pistol grip design Designed to be used easily with one hand
  • Voice annotation via Bluetooth headset
  • Add text annotations after image capture via on-screen keyboard
  • Includes two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  • Battery life ≥ 3.5 hours continuous without WiFi
  • Pre-set and manual emissivity controls between
  • Accuracy: ±2 °C or 2 % (whichever is greater) at 25°C ambient temperature
  • Colour alarms: User-selectable hot and cold point
  • 5 user-adjustable spot markers for a single pixel each
  • 5 user-adjustable measurement boxes. Size and position are adjustable
  • Rugged and reliable: Engineered to withstand 2m drop
  • Dimensions: 26.7 cm x 10.1 cm x 14.5 cm
  • Weight: ≤2.27 kg (including battery)

Calibration of you Fluke TiS75+ thermal camera is recommend every two years. Test4less are an approved Fluke distributor and can also calibrate your Fluke TiS75+ when required, including at time of purchase.

What’s included

  • Fluke TiS75+ thermal camera
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Power supply for charging batteries
  • 4GB micro SD card
  • USB cable
  • Hard carry case
  • Soft transport bag
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