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From 1928 to 2023: Martindale Electric Celebrates 95 Years

Reflecting on Martindale Electric’s 95-Year Journey of Innovation in Electrical Safety

Martindale Electric marks a remarkable milestone this year: 95 years of steadfast commitment to the craft of electrical safety and testing. Here at Test4Less, we’re taking a moment to honour this anniversary, recognizing the technical excellence and enduring legacy of one of the industry’s most trusted names.

A Heritage of Innovation

Founded in 1928, Martindale Electric has built a reputation for introducing products that have shaped the best practices in electrical safety. The iconic Ring Main Tester, better known as the Check Plug, released in 1968, represents a pivotal point in this journey. With over two million units sold, this tool not only carved out a niche for Martindale but also set the standard for testing equipment worldwide.

Embracing the Future

Martindale’s catalogue, from Safe Isolation & PAT products to the freshly launched BZ701 Check Plug in 2023, illustrates a brand that’s as dynamic as it is dependable. This new addition encapsulates Martindale’s commitment to innovation, providing professionals with cutting-edge tools designed for accuracy, safety, and ease of use.

A Partnership of Progress

At Test4Less, we value our partnership with Martindale Electric immensely. Their ability to stay at the forefront of technological advancement means we can offer products that not only meet but exceed expectations. This synergy ensures that we provide genuine value for money, furnishing our customers with tools that are vital for today’s electrical safety demands.

A Token of Celebration

In the spirit of this milestone, Martindale Electric has generously shared a batch of FOC anniversary mugs with us—a commemorative gift that we’ve warmly received. These mugs symbolize the collaborative spirit and mutual respect that underpin our partnership.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on Martindale Electric’s 95-year legacy, we’re excited about the future. Their dedication to developing products that ensure the utmost safety for electrical professionals is not only commendable but also inspires confidence in the continuous evolution of our industry.

A Salute to Martindale Electric

So here’s to Martindale Electric, a company that has not just weathered the storm of time but has also pioneered the development of electrical safety. We raise our FOC anniversary mugs in a toast to this incredible journey, celebrating the innovation that has protected so many and the shared path we look forward to treading together.

Congratulations, Martindale Electric, on 95 years of excellence. Here’s to the many more years of innovation and partnership yet to come.