Hikmicro M10 Thermal Imaging Camera



  • 160 × 120 thermal resolution
  • -20°C to 550°C object temperature measurement range
  • Max (±2°C, ±2%) accuracy (object temp. above 0°C)
  • 25° × 18.7° field of view (FOV)
  • 25Hz frame rate for smooth videos
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Warranty1 year
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Hikmicro M10 Thermal Imaging Camera

The Hikmicro M10 features the highly sensitive VOx detector, with NETD < 40mK thermal sensitivity, providing high quality thermal images with accurate temperature measurement.

This camera can be used for applications where the required object temperature measurement is between -20°C to 550°C. The broad temperature range makes the M10 a very versatile tool and suitable for many domestic, commercial and industrial environments.

Analyse images and create reports thanks to built in Wi-Fi and free Hikmicro Analyse software.


The Hikmicro M10 features manual focus, allowing the user ultimate control on objects close up and far away. Simply turn the focus ring until the image is in focus and take the image.

Furthermore, the centre spot, max and min temperature of an image are always displayed and updated in real time as the camera is moved or temperatures change. A separate focus area can be drawn out using the box feature to include centre, min and max temperature in a specific area.

Hikmicro M Series unboxing and operation

Makes thermography simple

Features such as a laser pointer and automatic temperature range adjustment make focusing on a target and recording accurate temperatures easy.

In addition to these features, the M10 also features a modern approach to thermal imaging with a touch screen and 25Hz frame rate for smooth video. Touch screen makes for simple operation, navigation can also be made via buttons if PPE prevents touch screen operation.

Colour alarms can also be set by the user, allowing for the fast identification of temperatures above, below or in-between set limits.

Thermal and digital images

As well as the thermal sensor, the M10 packs an 8MP digital camera, allowing the user to take normal images. With the inclusion of a digital camera, the M10 benefits from Fusion and Picture in Picture image modes.

  • Fusion – Blends visible image detail with the thermal image for highly detailed images.
  • Picture in Picture – Places a thermal image inside the digital image.

Hikmicro M Series Comparison

Thermal Resolution160 × 120384 x 288
Temperature Range-20°C to 550°C-20°C to 550°C
AccuracyMax (±2°C, ±2%)Max (±2°C, ±2%)
Field of View25° × 18.7°37.5° × 28.5°
Frame Rate25Hz25Hz
NETD< 40mK< 40mK
Optical CameraMax 8 MPMax 8 MP
Laser PointerYesYes
Battery Run Time5 hours4 hours

Hikmicro M10 key features…

  • 160 × 120 thermal resolution
  • -20°C to 550°C object temperature measurement range
  • Max (±2°C, ±2%) accuracy (object temp. above 0°C)
  • 25° × 18.7° field of view (FOV)
  • 25Hz frame rate for smooth videos
  • Voice and text image annotation
  • Manual focus
  • 7 colour palettes
  • IP54 rated
  • 4 image modes: Thermal, Fusion, Picture in Picture, Digital
  • 5’’ LCD touch display
  • Max 8 MP digital camera resolution
  • Laser pointer
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • 5 hour battery life

What's included

  • Hikmicro M10 Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera
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