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  1. Fluke BT521 Advanced Battery Analyser



    • Upgraded version of the BT510 with added accessories 
    • Temperature of negative battery post
    • DC and ac current (and frequency)
    • Wireless communication
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  2. Fluke BT520 Battery Analyser



    • Upgraded version of the BT510
    • Tests resistance, battery voltage (AC/DC), ripple voltage and frequency
    • Comprehensive logging - the BT510 automatically captures data and stores it in its memory
    • Optimised user interface with guided setup and audio/visual feedback cues
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  3. Fluke BT510 Battery Analyser



    • Measures voltage of the battery under test during the internal resistance test
    • Discharge mode collects voltage of each battery multiple times at user defined intervals
    • Ripple voltage test measures unwanted residual AC component of rectified Voltage in DC charging
    • Meter mode is used for a quick test or troubleshooting
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