Kane 358 Flue Gas Analyser (Choice of kit)



  • Designed for domestic appliance installation and servicing
  • Backed by a 10 year warranty from Kane
  • Carries out all required tests
  • 20% hydrogen blend ready
  • Multi fuel including natural gas, LPG and oil
(Size: 8.3 MB)
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Warranty6 years
Price MatchNo

Kane 358 Flue Gas Analyser

The Kane 358 flue gas analyser is designed for the fast, simple installation and servicing of domestic gas, biomass and oil appliances. It is exceptionally user friendly, with its single rotary dial for test selection and large; easy to read, 6 line display. The 358 is designed to be used every day and comes in a protective rubber over mould. Furthermore, it is backed by Kane’s 10 year warranty (when serviced annually by Kane).

Kane 358 - What is it capable of?

In short, the Kane 358 is a great value domestic flue gas analyser. Capable of carrying out all required measurements and calculations for the installation and servicing of domestic appliances.


  • CO 0-2,000ppm
  • O2 0-21%
  • Differential temperature
  • Differential pressure meter +/- 80mbar


  • CO2 0-20%
  • CO/CO2 ratio
  • Excess air
  • Combustion efficiency


  • Appliance installation and service
  • Combustion performance and efficiency checks
  • Flue draught

Furthermore, the Kane 358 is compatible with the most commonly found fuel types, natural gas, LPG, wood pellets, Butane, Propane and light oil.

The Kane 358 also has the ability to conduct let-by and tightness testing, as well as flow and return pipe temperature measurements. Additional accessories are required for both of these measurements, which are included in the PRO and CPA1 kits.

Advanced protection in and out of service

Intuitive purge pump protection prevents accidental damage from CO over exposure, reducing potential downtime and costly repairs.

The 358 is also protected with up to 10 years warranty with ‘Kane Care’ when the instrument is returned to Kane for annual calibration.

What is Kane Care?

Kane Care Banner

Simply return your analyser to Kane each year when calibration is due to take advantage of all these benefits.

Kane 358 Kit Options

 StandardPrinter KitPro KitCPA1 Kit
Pressure Connectors
Quick Guide Reference
Calibration Report
Infra-Red Printer
Carry Bag
GLD/450 Plus Gas Leak Detector
KAL1 Air Liquid Temperature Probe
Pressure Hose
2 x KPCP Clamp-On Pipe Temperature Probes
ASP2 Appliance Sampling Probe Kit
12v In Vehicle Charger
Large Carry Bag
Oil Pressure Test SetOil Kit
Smoke Pump and PapersOil Kit

Kane Flue Gas Analyser Range

The latest range of three flue gas analysers from Kane, the 258, 358 and 458s, are all designed to suit each individual engineers requirements and budget.

The entry level 258 is an ideal affordable, everyday analyser. Those requiring tightness, let by and pressure testing can opt for the 358, whilst the top of the range 458s goes further with room CO, KANE LINK, wireless as standard and range of sensor options.

Kane 258 / 358 / 458 comparison

FeaturesKane 258Kane 358Kane 458s
Domestic commissioning and servicing
Hydrogen ready (up to 20% blend)
10 year Kane warranty
Multi fuel:
Natural gas
Wood pellets
Light oil
Differential temperature measurement
Wireless connectivityOPTIONOPTION
Tightness / let-by and pressure-
Structured commissioning test-
Room CO--
KANE LINK ready--
Sensor upgrades available:
High range CO
Pro and CPA1 kits available-

Kane 358 key features

  • Ideal for appliance installation and servicing
  • Structured Benchmark new boiler commissioning test
  • Large, back lit 6 line display
  • Purge pump protection preventing accidental CO sensor damage
  • Easy to use rotary dial
  • 20% hydrogen blend ready
  • Performs combustion performance checks
  • Performs combustion efficiency checks
  • Carry out tightness and let-by testing
  • Measures CO from 0 – 2,000ppm
  • Measures 02 from 0 – 21%
  • Built in high accuracy differential pressure meter +/- 80mbar
  • Differential temperature measurement
  • Calculates CO2 from 0 – 20%
  • Calculates CO/CO2 ratio
  • Calculates excess and combustion efficiency
  • Multi fuel including natural gas, LPG, wood pellets and light oil
  • Includes data hold and log functions
  • Available in range of kits with additional accessories
  • Up to 10 year warranty with Kane Care
  • Optional wireless upgrade

Kane calibration and service

What's included

  • Kane 358 Flue Gas Analyser
  • CP2 Combustion Probe
  • USB Charger
  • Pressure connector
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