Kane 457 Gas Analyser Kit



  • Flue Gas & Ambient Air Analyser with Direct CO & CO2 Measurement.
  • Combustion Analysis, Direct CO2 Measurement & Measure CO, CO2 & Ratio.
  • High Accuracy Pressure Measurement, Temperature Measurements & Flow/return, inlet/outlet, hot/cold measurements.
  • Room Ambient Air, Ambient CO2 and CO & Timed Logging.
  • Availability: Call us on 01782 567 099
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Kane 457 Gas Analyser Kit

***Kane analysers are currently on an extended lead time. Please call us on 01782 567 099 for the current lead time***

Flue Gas & Ambient Air Analyser with Direct CO & CO2 Measurement

The new KANE457 is the only Flue Gas Analyser combining the features & ease of use of the KANE455 with an ambient air quality meter. It accurately measures & records CO ppm, CO2 % & CO2 ppm to commission & service commercial catering appliances, flueless gas fires, radiant industrial heaters, etc.?

If you intend to take CMDDA1 certification this UK designed & manufactured product is made to measure. The KANE457 is designed to meet BS7967, BS8494 & EN50379.

With five year life sensors, fixed not 'from' re-certification & service pricing, fast service turn round time & knowledgeable regional product support the KANE457 is the cost effective solution.


Gas Analyser

  • Combustion Analysis - Ideal when installing & commissioning boilers, fires etc
  • Direct CO2 Measurement - Using Infra-red technology for better accuracy
  • Measure CO, CO2 & Ratio - For Benchmark logbook

Pressure & Temperature

  • High Accuracy Pressure Measurement - Perform timed let-by, stabilisation & tightness tests
  • Temperature Measurements (with optional probes)
  • Flow/return, inlet/outlet, hot/cold measurements

Air Quality

  • Room Ambient Air - Measure and record room CO2 and CO readings for up to 30 minutes
  • Ambient CO2 and CO - Monitor and record real time and maximum CO2 & CO
  • Timed Logging - Establish CO2 & CO concentration profiles over a specific period of time

What's Included?

  • Analyser
  • Flue probe
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • CO2 true zero capsule
  • Manual
  • Calibration report
  • Infra-red printer (KMIRP-2)
  • Carry case


Flue Temperature0-600°C0.1°C±2.0°C
±0.3% reading
Inlet Temperature
(Internal Sensor)
±0.3% reading
Inlet Temperature
(External Sensor)
±0.3% reading
Inlet Temperature
(External Sensor)
±0.3% reading
Carbon monoxide0-20ppm
21-2000ppm nom
4,000ppm max for 15 mins
±5% reading
Carbon dioxide0-20%0.1%±0.3% reading
Efficiency (Net or Gross)*20-99.9%0.1%±1.0% reading
Effeciency High (C)*20-119.9%0.1%±1.0% reading
Excess Air*20-250%0.1%±0.2% reading
CO/CO2 ratio *20-0.9990.0001±5% reading
Nominal range ±160mBar
Maximum over range without damage to sensor is ±800mBar
±1 mBar
0.001 mBar
<25 mBar
±0.005 mBar
±0.03 mBar
±3% of reading

Pre-programmed FuelsNatural gas, Propane, Butanem LPG, Light Oils (28/35 sec), Wood Pellets
Ambient Measurements
Carbon Monoxide
As above
Carbon Dioxide0 to 5000ppm 1ppm ±5% reading
5001 to 9999ppm 5ppm ±8%reading
Storage Capacity99 Combustion tests
20 Pressure tests
20 Tightness tests
20 Temperature tests
20 Room CO tests
20 Ambient tests
up to 240 times tests (one sequence only)

*1 Using dry gases at STP
*2 Calculated

Ambient Operating RangeTemperature - 0°C to 40°C
Humidity - 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
Atmospheric Pressure - 860 to 1060hPa
Battery Type / Life4AA cells
>8 hours using Alkaline AA cells
Chargers (optional)220v charger, for NiMH batteries only
12v in vehicle charger, for NiMH batteries only
DimensionsWeight - 0.8kg handset with protective cover
Handset - 200 x 45 x 90mm
Probe - 300mm long including handle. 6mm diameter x 240mm long stainless steel shaft with 3m neoprene hose. Type K thermocouple
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