Kewtech EZYPAT PAT Tester



  • Easy to use
  • Automatic test sequences
  • Battery operated - approx. 1400 tests
  • IT safe with 200mA earth test 250V insulation option
  • PASS / FAIL – Green / Red screens
  • Large easy-to-read display
  • Light and ergonomic shape
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Warranty1 year
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Kewtech EZYPAT PAT Tester

Kewtech 5th Edition

The EZYPAT is the entry level tester in the new generation PAT testers from Kewtech. It is battery operated and suitable for manual dead testing of Class I and Class II appliances, as well as extension leads. If you require the testing of appliances where a power supply is required to switch them on (e.g. TV's and computers) by the way of an on / off switch, take a look at the Kewtech EZYPAT PLUS.

This lightweight battery-operated tester has automatic test sequences designed to make PAT testing simpler and more efficient, allowing you to get through the workload faster. As well as a quick check continuity test option this tester complies with regulations by allowing you to run a 5 second continuity test unlike most other PAT testers on the market.

The tester is IT safe with a 200mA low current earth continuity test and 250V insulation test option.

Green for PASS / Red for FAIL 

The back-lit screen on the EZYPAT gives fast visual indication by turning either green or red depending on whether a test is passed or failed. In conjunction with this, all measurement results are displayed on screen so they can be recorded for traceability.

Kewtech EZYPAT features

  • Simple Setup
  • Battery Operated, with long battery life, approx. 1400 tests
  • Automatic test sequences
  • PASS / FAIL (Green / Red) screens
  • Appliance status pre-check
  • Quick check and 5 second continuity options
  • 250V insulation and 500V insulation
  • Substitute leakage test
  • Extension lead test
  • Fast and easy test lead nulling
  • Backlight

Kewtech PAT Tester comparison

Battery operated
Auto test sequences
PASS / FAIL - green / red screens
Appliance status pre - check
Fast continuity check
Extended 5 second continuity test
250V insulation test
500V insulation test
Substitute leakage test
Extension lead test
Test lead nulling
Back light
110V run / leakage test
230V run / leakage test
Portable RCD test 10mA and 30mA
Remote control via KEWPAT APP

The FREE to download KEWPAT APP helps make your PAT testing that bit easier.

The APP is designed to work alongside your EZYPAT enabling fast manual documentation including appliance risk assessment, record documentation and your covers obligations for holding a product register. It is even more powerful when used in conjunction with your SimplyPats Manual+ software. The APP, with large data storage for high volume testing, meets all your PAT testing needs. Take a picture and add it to the product register, scan a bar code, and add your own logo to printed labels all in a matter of seconds.

The KEWPAT APP is ideal for downloading detailed test results to your PC and storing appliance details for faster retests.

Download the FREE KEWPAT APP to your Android or IOS device now and use it with any brand of PAT tester to start making your data recording easier.

What's included

  • Kewtech EZYPAT-PLUS PAT Tester
  • EZYLEAD Extension Lead Adapter
  • EZYEARTH Earth Continuity Test Lead with Probe and Crocodile Clip
  • EZYMAIN Mains Lead
  • Carry Bag with Strap
  • Quick Start Guide
  • End of Line Calibration Certificate
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