Kewtech KT63 Plus 6 in 1 Multifunction Tester



  • 6 in 1 easy to use 18th edition multi function tester
  • Full no trip loop testing with RCDs of 30mA and above for all types
  • Displays PFC/PSC at the same time as Loop reading
  • Special DNO mains polarity test
  • IP54 rated
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Kewtech KT63PLUS 18th Edition Multifunction Tester

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The Kewtech KT63 PLUS 18th edition multi-function tester builds on the already popular Kewtech KT63DL. The KT63 PLUS is compact and very easy to use, it is also IP54 rated for protection against dust, moisture and the British weather! Added to this, the unit comes with a soft carry case for safe storage and transport when not in use.

The KT63 Plus is an exceptionally capable tester despite its small form factor. The improved, larger screen (compared to the standard KT63) is much more practical. For example, all six auto RCD test results are displayed on one screen at the same time, removing the need to scroll through. Furthermore, phase rotation is now indicated visually by rotating disks.

As with the Kewetch KT64DL, KT65DL and KT66DL, testing with the KT63 PLUS can be started in one of three simple ways…

  • Single test button press
  • Press, twist and lock test button for continuous hands-free testing
  • Via the button on the included remote test probe

Kewtech KT63DL vs KT63 PLUS

FeaturesKT63DLKT63 PLUS
Continuity at 200mA with auto null function for test leads
Insulation 250, 500 & 1000 V
PAT testing with optional PAT ADAPTER 1
Continuous Live warning
55V loop test (tests 110 V CTE on-site systems)-
High voltage LED light
Low current ATT non RCD trip loop test
High current loop test
PSC / PFC test
0.001 Ω resolution high current loop test-
‘Hands free’ testing
Back light
RCD type AC & A: 10, 30, 100, 300 & 500 mA
RCD type ACS & A: 100, 300 mA
RCD type AC, ACS, A & AS: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 & 100 mA-
RCD auto test: 30 mA
RCD auto test all results on one screen-
Test probe with remote test button-
Phase rotation-
Wiring & lead polarity check
Mains polarity check
Volts measurement

Kewtech KT63 PLUS key features

RCD testing

  • Tests type AC/A & ACS/AS
  • Ratings 10, 30, 100,300, 500, 1000mA
  • Auto-test for 30mA RCDs (all results on one screen)

Insulation testing

  • 250 / 500 and 1000V test ranges
  • Auto discharge

Loop testing

  • Full no trip (low current) loop testing with all RCD types
  • Very low susceptibility of RCD uplift and noise interference
  • PFC and PSC displayed with loop test result
  • 001Ω resolution high current loop test


  • 00Ω to 19.99kΩ range
  • Test lead auto null for continuity

Kewtech calibration

A full calibration certificate is included with your Kewtech KT63 PLUS. The certificate includes an ‘in service date’ field to be filled in when the instrument is first used.

Test4less can calibrate your Kewtech KT63 PLUS annually or whenever required. Simply book your Kewtech multifunction tester calibration online, box it up and let us do the rest.

What’s included

  • Kewtech KT63 Plus multifunction tester
  • Test lead with remote test button
  • ACC063 G7 Test lead set
  • KAMP12 mains lead
  • Batteries
  • Instruction manual
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