Kewtech KT66DL 12 in 1 Multifunction Tester (EV adaptor available)



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  • Complete 18th edition multifunction tester
  • Fast and accurate loop test results
  • Optional KEWEVSE EV adaptor
  • Simple to use with large colour screen
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Kewtech KT66DL Multifunction Tester

The NEW Kewtech KT66DL 12 in 1 multifunction tester is fully 18th edition compliant and can be used to test the installation of electric vehicle charge points (KEWEVSE adaptor required). The KT66DL provides a complete testing solution for professional electricians testing domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

Kewtech KT66DL video

12 in 1 multifunction tester

The Ketwech KT66DL provides a complete 18th edition testing solution, including the testing of electric vehicle charging points (KEWEVSE adaptor required).

Continuity - 20/200/2000Ω range, 200mA / 15 mA, Switchable buzzer, Auto null

Insulation - 100/250/500/1000V, Bar graph, DAR / PI, Full discharge indication

High current loop - 25 A 0.001Ω range, 6 A 0.01Ω range, 55 V – 500 V systems, Auto-null of test lead

Low current loop - 3 wire 0.01Ω range, 2 wire 0.01Ω range, 2 X EV 3 wire 0.01Ω ranges, Max Zs tables

PSC - 2000 A / 20 kA, PSC / PFC dual display, Voltage & Hz display

PFC - 2000 A / 50 kA, PSC / PFC dual display, Voltage & Hz display

RCD - Type AC, ACS, A, AS, & F, EVSE: Type B, EV & 6mA, RDCD Auto / manual options & UC value

Volts - TRMS 2 – 600V, L-PE, L-N, N-PE, Frequency

Earth resistance - 3 wire, 2 wire, Live circuit warning

SPD - 1000 V range, Bar graph, AC & DC breakdown result

Phase rotation - Clear indication, L1-L2, L2-L3, L3-L1 voltage, Frequency

PAT - Continuity, Insulation, Download

The full specification for the Kewtech KT66DL is available under the product downloads section of this page.

Fast and sophisticated ATT loop technology

Kewtech’s Anti-Trip Technology (ATT) is effective for both 2 and 3 wire no trip loop L-PE testing on all RCD types. The inclusion of a 2 wire only option comes in handy where no neutral is present, for example 3 phase motor lines and testing at switch points for lighting circuits.

Kewtech KT66DL

Testing of electric vehicle charge points

Fully test an EV charge points electrical safety and functionality with the KT66DL in conjunction with the new KEWEVSE adaptor (available separately).

  • Test domestic and commercial EV charging equipment
  • Tests installations with Type B RCD’s or 6mA residual direct current devices (RDCD)
  • Suitable for TN or TT installation configurations
  • CP and PP state adjustment rotary switches (A, B, C, D)
  • PE error and CP error simulation test
  • Oscilloscope output
  • Enables functionality check of charge point

The EV adaptor connects to the KT66DL via 4mm connectors on the front, or the available BS1363 socket on the rear. A case and instructions are included for the adaptor.

Kewtech KT66DL key features

  • Continuity test at either 200mA or 15mA with adjustable buzzer
  • 100 / 250 / 500 and 1000V insulation test voltages with auto discharge
  • High current loop test range of 2Ω with 0.001Ω resolution
  • Anti-Trip Technology (ATT) for no trip loop L-PE testing
  • 2 wire loop test option for when there is no earth
  • Zs limit: Automatically compares values required by the 18th edition with measured results
  • 55V loop test for testing of 110V CTE circuits
  • RCD: Type AC, A, F, B (general and selective) with auto test and ramp features
  • Earth resistance test 2 and 3 wire options (earth spike kit sold separately)
  • Tests EV and variable RCD’s (with KEWEVSE adaptor)
  • Phase rotation on 3 phase lines with clear indication
  • True RMS voltage measurement from 2 to 600V
  • Advanced on board memory assigns type of test, circuit and DB to test results
  • On screen help ensures correct usage

Kewtech KT63PLUS vs KT65DL vs KT66DL

Continuity at 200mA
Insulation 250, 500 & 1000V
PAT testing with optional PAT ADAPTER 1
PAT results memory-
Continuous Live warning
55V loop test
High voltage LED light
Low current ATT non RCD trip loop test
3 wire no trip loop test
2 wire no trip loop test--
High current loop test
PSC / PFC test
0.001Ω resolution high current loop test
‘Hands free’ testing
RCD type AC & A: 10, 30, 100, 300 & 500 mA
RCD type ACS & A: 100, 300 mA
RCD type AC, ACS, A & AS: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 & 100 mA
RCD auto test: 30 mA
RCD auto test: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, 1000 mA-
RCD auto test all results on one screen
6mA DC RCD Test--
Test probe with remote test button
Phase rotation
Wiring & lead polarity check
Volts measurement
Earth resistance measurement-
Touch pad for earth potential limits 25 V or 50 V-
Protective lid on instrument-
Compatible with KEWEVSE ADAPTOR--

The Kewtech KT66DL is easy to use with a single rotary dial and large colour back lit display and on screen guidance showing correct setup according to the function selected. The test button can be locked into position to allow hands-free testing. Testing can also be started by pressing the test button on the included switch probe. The tester is protected by a foldable protective cover and soft carry case with carrying strap.

What’s included

  • Kewtech KT66DL multifunction tester
  • ACC064SP G7 Test probe
  • ACC065 G7 Test lead set
  • KAMP12 mains lead
  • Test lead pouch
  • Software
  • USB cable
  • Batteries
  • Instruction manual
  • Calibration certificate

If you require the Kewtech KEWEVSE EV adaptor, simply add this from the drop down menu before adding to basket.

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