Kewtech Loopcheck 107 Socket Tester



  • Operation is easy.
  • Automatically run a wiring check, green LEDs will light and a continuous tone indicate a satisfactory result.
  • Any faults will be highlighted by red and orange LEDs and a warble tone.
  • The LEDs are positioned to represent the polarity of the pins.
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Warranty2 years
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Kewtech Loopcheck 107 Socket Tester

The Kewtech Loopcheck 107 is an advanced yet easy to use plug in socket tester, designed to check every aspect of a socket, including…

  • Wiring configuration
  • Quality of the earthing
  • Polarity of the mains supply
  • RCD function check (30mA)

How to use the Loopcheck 107

Simply plug into the socket and after a couple of seconds the 107 will display the wiring condition. Good wiring condition will be indicated by three green LED’s and a continuous tone. Fault indication will be given by orange or red LED indication and a warbling tone.

Socket condition check

  • Loop impedance check is carried out between L – N and N – E
  • Good – Green LED with continuous tone
  • Check – Orange LED with warbling tone
  • Urgent Check – Red LED with warbling tone

Mains Polarity Test

  • Earth is reference through the user
  • Place finger on grey circle
  • Correct polarity – Triangle LED’s flash green
  • Incorrect polarity – Triangle LED’s flash red

RCD check (30mA RCD)

  • Press the purple test switch for at least half a second
  • Pass indication – LED indication (in loop bar) goes out and tone stops
  • Fail indication – LED indication (in loop bar) remains on and three LEDs in the triangle flash amber with warble tone

Kewtech LOOPCHECK 107 key features

  • Easy to use 4 in 1 first line diagnosis tool
  • Checks wiring configuration, earthing quality, mains polarity and RCD function
  • Compact and rugged design fits in any tool box
  • Bright long lasting LED indication
  • Audible confirmation as well as visual
  • Advanced electronics for reliable indication
  • Indicates actual fault location
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