Martindale HPAT500/2 Rechargeable PAT Tester



  • Automatic Class I, Class II & power lead tests
  • Measured values with clear PASS/FAIL indication
  • 200mA earth bond test – I.T. Safe
  • 250V / 500V insulation test
  • Mains rechargeable
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Warranty1 year
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Martindale HPAT500/2 Rechargeable PAT Tester

The Martindale HPAT500 is a manual portable appliance tester suitable for mid volume testing. It benefits from rechargeable batteries, as well as a switchable 250 / 500V insulation test range.

Safely test sensitive equipment

Some equipment, such as IT equipment, may be damaged by high levels of current and voltage. To prevent damage, the HPAT500 features a low current earth continuity test (soft test) of 200mA, as well as a lower insulation resistance test voltage of 250V. The 250V insulation test range also means the unit can test surge protected extension leads.

The HPAT500 can additionally test 110V and 3 phase equipment terminated with a 3 phase plug (optional accessories required).

Ready to go from day 1

The Martindale HPAT500 includes all the necessary accessories to begin testing straight out of the box. Rechargeable batteries are included, along with and IEC lead, for testing extension leads, and earth bond lead with crocodile clip. Everything fits conveniently in the supplied soft storage case.

See the test result on screen

A key feature of the HPAT500 is that the device displays the measured value on screen. This allows the user to record the measurement values for each appliance test, significantly improving testing traceability. A clear PASS / FAIL indication is also shown.

Martindale HPAT500 key features

  • 5th edition complaint
  • Compact design with backlit display
  • Measurement values displayed on screen
  • Switchable 250 / 500V insulation test range
  • 200mA earth bond test for sensitive equipment
  • Rechargeable batteries included
  • Clear PASS / FAIL indication
  • Suited for medium volume testing
  • Automatic Class I , Class II and power lead tests
  • Test surge protected extension leads (250V)

What’s included

  • Martindale HPAT500
  • Soft carry case
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • IEC lead
  • Earth bond probe


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