Martindale LOKKITPRO Ultimate Lock Out Kit



  • Ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial installations
  • Contains specialist slim MCB and 3 pin plug locks
  • Includes highly versatile 1m cable lock device
  • 5 warning tags and marker pen
  • Simple fitting to MCBs, RCBOs and fuse holders
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Warranty1 year
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Martindale LOKKITPRO Ultimate Lock Out Kit


The Martindale LOCKKITPRO is a comprehensive lock out kit suited to domestic, industrial and commercial scenarios. The kit contains 22 pieces altogether, including 9 different locking devices for MCB’s, RCBO’s and fuse holders. All parts of the kit can be kept in the supplied carry case.

The LOKKIT PRO includes a range of specialist lock out devices, such as UK plug lock (PL13), slim line LOK7 MCB lock and the CABLOK cable lock which includes a 1 meter long cable for locking off multiple circuits at once.

Furthermore, this kit include the LOK6 cartridge fuse isolation look (adjustable from 20A to 100A for red spot type fuse holder) and also a hasp lock with padlock and key. The hasp lock can cater for up to 6 individual padlocks, especially useful when multiple engineers may be working on the same cicuit.

5 lock out tags, a marker pen and carry case complete the LOKKIT PRO

The LOKKIT PRO is also available with the VIPDLOK138-S and VIPDLOK150-S voltage indicator and proving device kits.

Martindale VIPDLOKPRO138-S Pro Lock Out Kit (Rated up to 600V)

Martindale VIPDLOKPRO150-S Pro Lock Out Kit (Rated up to 1000V)

What's included

  • Padlock with unique key (PAD10R)
  • Cartridge fuse isolation lock (LOK6)
  • Cable lock-off (CABLOK)
  • Hasp (LOKHASP25)
  • Plunge locking piece (LOK15)
  • Appliance lock out (PL13)
  • MCB Isolation lock kit (LOKMCB 5 pieces)
  • Slimline grey isolation lock (LOK7)
  • Yellow MCB lock, 10mm clip (LOK10)
  • Red MCB lock, 6mm clip (LOK11)
  • “Equipment locked out” tags which can be written on (TAG4 pack of 5 tags)
  • Black marker pen (LOKMP)
  • TC68 soft carry case (TC68)
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