Martindale PD690SX Proving Unit with CALCHECK



  • Safely proves the operation of voltage indicators up to 690V
  • Unique CALCHECK function for multifunction tests
  • Individual LED indicators matched to voltage indicator thresholds
  • Long battery life with low battery indicator
  • Includes MAG3 high strength magnetic hanger
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Warranty1 year
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Martindale PD690SX Proving Unit with CALCHECK

The Martindale PD690SX makes proving your voltage tester, quick, safe and very easy. With the addition of the CALCHECK feature, the PD690SX can also be used to verify the insulation and low resistance ranges on 18th Edition multifunction instruments and single function insulation testers. Checking correct operation between calibrations is a procedure recognized by electrical contractor assessment bodies.

Prove you voltage indicator

The PD690SX units voltages are stepped, with clear LED indication at each voltage of 50V / 120V / 230V / 400V and 690V. This is matched to the ranges of many common voltage testers, such as the Martindale VIP150.

To operate, simply push the prods of the voltage tester into the holes on the PD690SX. The voltage will begin at the maximum of 690V and step down through each level until it reaches 0V. At the end, the continuity of voltage testers is checked.

Check continuity and resistance on site

It is best practice to check the ongoing accuracy of your 18th edition tester between calibrations. The PD690SX can be used prior to certifying new wiring installations, or issuing a condition report.

With this proving unit from Martindale, you can check continuity at 0.5Ω and 1.0Ω, as well as resistance at 0.5MΩ and 1.0MΩ.

Easy to take with you

The PD690SX is small and lightweight. It is powered by six AA batteries and will fit in almost any tool bag. A low battery warning will trigger to alert the user to change the batteries.

What's included

  • Martindale PD690SX Proving Unit with CALCHECK
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