Martindale VIPDLOK138-S Lock Out Kit with Voltage Indicator and Proving Device



  • Complete safe isolation solution
  • Contains 15 pieces inc. voltage tester and proving unit
  • Locks off most MCBs, RCBOs and fuse holders
  • Case included for storing all parts of the kit
  • Allows work in accordance with the Electricity at Work Regulations
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Martindale VIPDLOK138-S Lock Out Kit with Voltage Indicator and Proving Device


The Martindale VIPDLOK138-S Lock Out Kit includes the Martindale VI13800 voltage indicator and PD440S proving unit, along with 17 piece lock out kit. Not only does this kit make locking out almost any domestic, industrial or commercial installation easy, it simplifies compliance with Health & Safety recommendations for safe working practices.

Designed to work together

The VI138000 voltage tester and PD440S are designed to work together, and are suitable for use on installations up to 600V. The VI138000 fully complies with the GS38 and BS EN61243-3 standards and it replaces the previous VI13700. The PD440S quickly and safely proves the operation of voltage indicators, such as the VI13800.

Martindale Vi13800

  • Suitable for use on installation up to 600V
  • No batteries required
  • GS38 compliant prods
  • High visibility LED indication
  • Polarity indication

Martindale PD440S

  • Ideal proving unit for the VI13800
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Rugged with tough casing
  • Powered by 6 AA batteries

The VIPDLOK138-S is a comprehensive lock out kit from Martindale. In addition to the voltage tester and proving unit, there is a large array of lock out devices.

Lock out tag out

Included are 7 different locking devices, meaning the engineer can lock off almost any MCB, RCBO and fuse holders. Furthermore, 5 warning tags are included, as well as a marker pen, with which the engineer can write their contact details on the tags.

This kit includes a hasp lock off device, which allows up to 6 engineers to apply their own padlock. This is ideal for when multiple engineers are working on larger industrial and commercial installations. It ensures the circuit cannot be energized until all engineers have completed working and removed their padlock.

Everything can be kept together in the supplied Martindale soft carry cases. This TC71 case is specifically designed to allow the user to keep the proving unit in the front pouch whilst it is being used.

What's included

  • PD440S Proving device
  • VI13800 Voltage indicator
  • Padlock with unique key
  • LOKHASP25 Hasp
  • LOK1 MCB green isolation lock
  • LOK2 MCB yellow isolation lock
  • LOK3 MCB blue isolation lock
  • LOK4 MCB small red isolation lock
  • LOK5 MCB red isolation lock
  • LOK10 Yellow MCB lock, 10mm clip
  • LOK11 Red MCB lock, 8mm clip
  • 5 Locked out tags
  • LOKMP Black marker pen
  • TC55 Soft carry case
  • TC71 Soft carry case
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