Megger DLRO10HD Ohmmeter



  • Wide insulation resistance measurement range
  • Multiple test current options
  • Continuous, inductive and conventional testing modes
  • Rugged case designed to protect the meter no matter what the application is
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Warranty2 years
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Megger DLRO10HD 1000-348 Heavy Duty Ducter Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter - 10A

Equally at home in the laboratory, the workshop or in the field, on the bench or on the ground, Megger’s new heavy duty DLRO10HD low resistance ohmmeter combines rugged construction with accuracy and ease of use. It features an internal rechargeable battery and can also operate from a mains supply, even if the battery is completely flat.

The DLRO10HD measures low resistance values in applications ranging from railways and aircraft to resistance of components in industry.

Any metallic joint can be measured but users must be aware of measurement limitations depending on application. For example, if a cable manufacturer plans to make resistive measurements on a thin wire, a low test current should be selected to prevent heating the wire thereby changing its resistance.

Measurements on electric motors and generators will be inductive and require the user to understand the inductive mode and charging process before a correct result is achieved.

The DLRO10HD is well suited to measuring thick conductors, bonds and quality of welding because of its 10 A range for resistance values up to 250 mΩ.

Electromagnetic noise induced into the leads can interfere with a reading. A noise symbol alerts the user and prevents a measurement when the instrument detects noise above its threshold.

When dissimilar metals are joined a thermocouple effect is created. Users should select a bidirectional mode to ensure cancellation of this effect. The instrument measures with current flowing in both directions and averages the result.

Normal mode is initiated by pressing the ‘Test’button after connecting the test leads to the unit under test. Continuity of all four connections is checked. Current is applied in both forward and reverse direction following which measurement is displayed.

Automatic mode is started as soon as the probes make contact. Forward and reverse current measurements are made and the average value is displayed. This mode is ideal when working with the supplied DH4 handspikes. Each time the probes are removed and reconnected to the load a new test will be performed without the need to press the test button.


  • Wide insulation resistance measurement range
  • Multiple test current options
  • Continuous, inductive and conventional testing modes
  • Rugged case designed to protect the meter no matter what the application is
  • Removable lid for test lead connection
  • IP54 rated when lid is open
  • 7Ah lead acid battery gives extended battery life
  • Rotary mode switch with bidirectional, unidirectional, automatic, continuous and inductive modes
  • Large size LCD display with backlight and contrast adjustments

Five Test Modes

  • Normal mode, the test is initiated by pressing the 'test' button. The instrument verifies continuity of all four connections, and then applies the test current in both forward and reverse directions before displaying the result.
  • Automatic mode, the test starts as soon as the probes make contact with the item under test.
  • Automatic unidirectional mode is the same as automatic mode, but the test current is applied in one direction only. This reduces the testing time, but thermal EMFs from contact between dissimilar metals may reduce the accuracy of the results.
  • Continuous mode makes repeated measurements at three-second intervals on the same sample.
  • Inductive mode is, as the name suggests, optimised for tests on motors, transformers and other inductive loads, supplying a full 10A for 60 up to seconds.


Resistance RangesFull Scale VoltsTest Current
 Full Scale  Resolution  Accuracy*  Resistive  Inductive  Resistive  Inductive
1.9999 mΩ0.1 μΩ±0.2% ±0.2μΩ20 mVn/a10:00 AMn/a
19.999 mΩ1 μΩ±0.2% ±2 μΩ20 mV20 mV1A1A
199.99 mΩ10 μΩ±0.2% ±20 μΩ20 mV200 mV100mA1A
1.9999 Ω100μΩ±0.2% ±0.2 mΩ20 mV200 mV10mA100mA
19.999 Ω1 mΩ±0.2% ±2 mΩ20 mV200 mV1mA10mA
199.99 Ω10 mΩ±0.2% ±20 mΩ20 mV200 mV100 μA1mA
1999.9 Ω100 mΩ±0.2% ±0.2 Ω200 mV200 mV100 μA100 μA


Nominal CurrentUp to 10AUp to 10AUp to 10A
No. of ranges with power limited to 0.25W666
No. of higher power ranges2--
DisplayLCD BacklitLCD BacklitLED 4½ digit
Results storage and downloadx--
Power supply-xx
Rechargable batteryxxx
Weight6.7 kg2.6 kg2.6 kg


What's Included?

  • Megger DLRO10HD
  • Ohmmeter
  • DH4 1.2m Duplex Handspike
  • Lid-Mounted Test Lead Pouch
  • DLRO10HD User Guide on CD
  • Warranty Book
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