Megger EVCA210-UK Electric vehicle charge-point adaptor



  • Fully test functioning and safety of EV charge points
  • Designed for the UK market
  • Test both single and three phase charge points
  • Rugged and reliable, IP54 rated
  • Can be used in conjunction with Megger MFT1741+
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Megger EVCA210-UK Electric vehicle charge-point adaptor

The Megger EVCA210-UK is the new adapter designed for the complete function and safety testing of Mode 3 AC Electric Vehicle Charge-points in the UK. The adaptor allows the user to carry out tests using suitable single or multifcuntion test equipment, such as the Megger MFT1741+.

The adaptor has been created so that it can be used to test both single and three phase charge points (with appropriate connectors). Furthermore, the EVCA210-UK allows the user to carry out testing of EV charge points in accordance with IEC/EN 61851-1 and IEC/HD 60364-7-722. It is important to fully test charging points as part of the installation process and also periodically through the charge points full service life.

How does it work?

By simulating an electric vehicle being connected to the charging point under test, the Megger EVCA210-UK enables the user to carry out a range of tests to check the functioning and safety of the charge point and installation.

For the fastest way to test, the Megger MFT1741+ can be connected using the mains socket on the front of the EVCA210-UK adaptor. Once the adaptor is connected to the EV charging point, the operator can trigger the charging process by selecting the appropriate Proximity Pilot (PP) and Control Pilot (CP) states.

The Megger EVCA210-UK has a manual PE pre-test feature allowing the engineer to test for dangerous voltages on the PE before any other testing is carried out. If this test fails, then a full investigation must be carried out before any further testing is undertaken, as potentially dangerous voltages may be present on the PE. Any faults must be rectified before continuing.

Two further manual test can also be carried out using the Megger EVCA210-UK

  • CP error - simulates an error on the control pilot circuit
  • E Error - where a disconnection of the PE circuit is produced

Megger EVCA210-UK full specification and testing capability

  • Input voltage 250 V (single phase system) / 430 V (three phase system)
  • Push Button for PE Pre-Test
  • Rotary switch providing PP State simulation
  • Rotary Switch providing CP State simulation
  • Push button for CP Error “E” simulation
  • Push button for PE Error (Earth Fault) simulation
  • Measurements on live conductors (L1, L2, L3 and N) and on PE conductor
  • Mains Socket: EVCA210-UK - 13A UK socket
  • CP signal test, two 4 mm ports for connection to an oscilloscope
  • CAT II 300 V
  • IP Rating IP54
  • Type 2 Plug for charging points with panel mounted socket outlet or fixed cable with vehicle connector.
  • Type 1 Plug for charging points with fixed cable and vehicle connector
  • Soft Carry Case

What’s included

  • Megger EVCA210-UK
  • Type 1 Charging Plug
  • Type 2 Charging Plug
  • Carry Case
  • Instruction Manual
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