Megger MFT1731 Multifunction Tester

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  • Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial testing
  • Earth resistance test options
  • On board memory with Bluetooth download
  • Test 3 Phase and Type B RCD's
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Warranty3 years
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Megger MFT1731 Multifunction Tester

The Megger MFT1731 18th Edition Tester is a fully loaded tester, designed for those who require a tester that performs day in day out and is capable of covering every eventuality you might come across when testing.

Its packs the great features of the MFT1711 and MFT1721 such as EN 61010 CAT IV safety rated, 3 and 2-wire non trip loop testing with resistance and fault current display, frequency measurement and the largest, brightest and clearest display on the market. Not forgetting it is still as easy to use every day with ‘LOCK’ and ‘TEST’ buttons on either side of the instrument, ideal for both left and right handed users.

The 1731 Multifunction Tester is still suitable for beginners and advanced users alike, futureproofing with features such as Type B RCD Testing and TRMS.
So what does the Megger MFT1731 add that makes it so complete? The MFT1731 has enabled additional earth electrode testing options such as 3-pole ART electrode testing and stakeless electrode testing. The clamps are optional accessories. Also included are a set or rechargeable batteries (charger included) A single charge can provide up to a month’s battery life dependant on use!

The on board memory makes storing up to 1,000 results as easy as possible, plus there is always the option to download your result via Bluetooth to your PC using Megger Download Manager (supplied) As an option, the MFT1731 is available complete with PowerSuite® Lite software as the MFT1731 On-Site.
Every Megger Multifunction Tester is built to last, it won’t go bang when dropped, bounced, left out in the rain, connected across phases or even locked on and connected to a live circuit! This tough reputation is topped off with a Megger 3 year warranty for complete peace of mind.

What Tests Can I Carry Out With The MFT1731?

  • Loop – 2 and 3 wire non trip loop impedance testing. Fast 2 wire high current loop test for unprotected circuits. Line to line tests suitable for testing three phase installations.
  • Continuity – 200mA auto start continuity test suitable for R1+R2 and R2 testing, as well as 15mA test feature.
  • RCD – Full range of RCD tests from 10mA to 500mA. Auto RCD and ramp test. Variable as well as selective RCD testing and Type B RCD testing. Also suitable for 3 Phase RCD’s.
  • Insulation Resistance – 100V, 250V, 500V and 1000V tests complete with buzzer threshold.
  • Earth Testing - 2 & 3 pole tests plus ART and Stakeless (accessories required)
Insulation Ranges
250V, 500V
1000V ●
Test Voltage Display
Adjustable Buzzer Threshold
Continuity & Resistance Ranges
200 mA Test
15 mA Test
Adjustable Buzzer Threshold
Loop Testing
2 and 3 Wire Non-Tripping L-PE 50 V ~ 280 V
2 Wire Hi Current L-N 50 V ~ 280 V
2 Wire Phase to Phase L-L 50 V ~ 500 V
PSCC and PFC (20 kA max.)
Max. Zs Display
R1 + R2 Value
Touch Voltage Display On Faulty Earth
Earth Electrode Test
2 and 3 Pole **
3 Pole ART and Stakeless Method **
RCD Tests
1/2, 1, 5 x I and Ramp RCD Test
Auto RCD Test
Type AC, A and S RCDs
Type B (pure DC) RCDs
Programmable RCD
3-phase RCD (no earth)
30, 100, 300 and 500 mA RCD
10 mA and 1000 mA RCD10mA
Other Features
Supply Measurement
True RMS
Leakage current measurement **
Phase rotation
Calibration Certificate
Rechargeable Batteries (charger included)
SP5 Switched Probe Included
Warranty Upgradeable to 3 Years FREE
On Board Memory with Bluetooth Download
CAT IV 300 V / CATIII 600 V
Hard Moulded Case
Soft Pouch With Additional Storage

** requires optional accessory
3 Year warranty only valid with product registration

What's included

  • Megger MFT1731 Multifunction Tester
  • 3 wire test lead set with probes and crocodile clips
  • Mains plug test lead
  • Batteries
  • Switched test probe for remote testing
  • Megger embroidered Neck strap
  • Carry case
  • Full user guide CD for MFT 1731
  • Megger calibration certificate
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