Megger MIT1525-UK 15 kV Diagnostic Insulation Resistance Tester



  • Insulation resistance up to 30 TΩ @ 10 kV
  • High altitude operation up to 3000m
  • 5% accuracy all the way up to 3 TΩ @ 15 kV
  • IR, timed IR, DAR, PI, DD, SV and ramp tests
  • Advanced memory with time/date stamp
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Warranty2 years

Megger MIT1525-UK 15 kV Diagnostic Insulation Resistance Tester

Offering CAT IV safety, the MIT1525 is compact, light 15 kV insulation resistance tester for the diagnostic testing and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment. It benefits from the Megger dual case construction, Tough on the outside and fire retardant on the inside.

As well as measuring insulation resistance to 30 TΩ, the MIT1525 also offers various diagnostic tests such as Polarisation index, Dielectric Absorption Ratio, Step Voltage, Dielectric discharge and ramp testing.

Now equipped with lithium ion fast rechargeable batteries, the instrument has a large, clear, easy to read, display making it equally suitable for use in both bright sunlight and poorly lit environments. Information displayed includes resistance, voltage, leakage current, capacitance, battery status and time constant. In addition, the elapsed time of the test is displayed constantly removing the need for separate timer.


  • Insulation resistance up to 30 TΩ @ 10 kV enables installation testing and long-term trending of higher value apparatus, typically above 1 TΩ
  • High altitude operation up to 3000 m while maintaining CATIV 1000 V (15 kV)
  • 5% accuracy all the way up to 3 TΩ @ 15 kV ensures highest accuracy where it matters most
  • IR, timed IR, DAR, PI, DD, SV and ramp tests maximize diagnostic testing capability
  • 3 mA short circuit current with unique max power regulations technology ensures maximum transfer whatever the load until selected voltage is reached
  • Noise filter rejects up to 6 mA (15 kV) noise for effective operation in electrically noisy environments
  • Li-ion battery allows up to 6 hrs continuous testing @ 5 kV with a 100 MΩ load; battery meets IEC 62133
  • Dedicated voltmeter function (30 V to 660 V) allows the user to check for induced volages
  • Smaller size and lighter weight allows easier transport and use without compromising performance
  • Unique dual case design allows for fire-retardant protection while maintaining ruggedness
  • High-quality, flexible silicon test leads meet safety regulations of IEC 61010-31:2008
  • Timed IR plus PI, DAR, DD, SV and ramp tests maximize diagnostic testing capability
  • Operate from line power even if the battery is fully discharged (charges while operating)
  • Two and half hour full battery charge time (one-half hour charge for one hour testing)
  • Up to six hours continuous testing (5 kV) on a single battery charge
  • Large backlit LCD clearly shows analog and digital readings
  • Industry best guard terminal performance to insure highest accuracy of measured values
  • Enhanced driver technology provides plug-and-play when connected to the internet
  • Rotary switch operation for easy, intuitive field use
  • Locking test leads provide additional safety
  • Date and time-stamped test results reduce the risk of error in result interpretation
Compare Range MIT515MIT525MIT1025MIT1525
Test Voltage    
15.0 kV   x
10.0 kV  xx
5.0 kVxxxx
2.5 kVxxxx
1.0 kVxxxx
500 Vxxx 
250 Vxx  
Max reading10 TΩ10 TΩ20 TΩ30 TΩ
Min reading10 kΩ10 kΩ10 kΩ10 kΩ
Leakage currentxxxx
Test Types    
Timed insulation resistancexxxx
Polarisation indexxxxx
Dielectric absorption indexxxxx
Step voltage xxx
Dielectric discharge xxx
Ramp xxx
Other Features    
Analogue and digital displayxxxx
Short circuit current3 mA3 mA3 mA4 mA
Timer control and displayxxxx
Max noise rejection3 mA3 mA3 mA4 mA
USB outputxxxx
PowerDB Litexxxx


What's Included?

  • Megger MIT1525
  • Power lead
  • USB cable
  • 3x 3m leadset, medium insulated clips (1002-531)
  • 3x 3m leadset, large 15 kV insulated clips (1002-949)
  • PowerDB Lite software
  • User's Manual
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