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Fluke 1734 Three Phase Electrical Energy Logger

  • Discover where you’re wasting energy – reduce your energy bill
  • Optimize your facility’s energy use
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless download and Fluke Connect
  • Review energy usage logs without being a power quality expert
  • On screen instructions and diagrams make setup easy
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Fluke 1734 Three Phase Electrical Energy Logger Advanced Version

The Fluke 1734 provides a simply way to discover sources of electrical energy waste in your company. Simply connect via the 12” flexible probes (included) to measure up to 1500A, from service entrance to individual loads.

Profiling energy usage across your facility helps you identify opportunities for energy savings, and provides you with the data you need to act on them. The new Energy Analyse software package allows you to compare multiple data points over time to build a complete picture of energy usage, which is the first step to reduce the cost of your energy bill.

The Fluke 1734 Energy Logger is ideal for:

  • General Facilities Staff
  • Facilities Engineers
  • Building Managers concerned with energy costs
  • Residential /Commercial Electricians
  • Energy consultants

Quantify energy usage across your facility
The Fluke 1734 can be used to quantify energy usage across your facility, from the service entrance down to individual machines. It is small, rugged and easily portable. See how the energy you are paying for is being used.

Identify inefficiencies
See the power profile logged over time by the Fluke 1734 on your PC or mobile device (Fluke Connect). The graphical display of energy usage allows you to see any potential inefficiencies.

Evaluate cost savings potential
After viewing your companies energy usage patterns, you can begin to see the potential for cost saving opportunities, for example:

  • Are loads starting too early in the day?
  • Are none critical loads being left to run when not required?
  • Are machines running at optimum efficiency?

Applications for the Fluke 1734 Three Phase Energy Logger

  • Energy studies: Log, review and improve all with one device. Pinpoint key inefficiencies and measure the effectiveness of improvements carried out.
  • Energy assessments: Gather data from the whole electrical system, from service entrance to individual loads, giving you a fully informed overview of energy usage throughout the business.
  • Load studies: Use the Fluke 1732 on individual items of equipment to determine if they are running at optimum capacity.

How to set up the Fluke 1734?

Set up is straightforward. On screen instructions and diagrams walk you through the process to make sure everything is setup up correctly. The Fluke 1734 also has an intelligent verification function which will check the connections and will digitally correct the wrong connection to further reduce uncertainty.

To enhance simplicity, the Fluke 1734 can also devise its power from the circuit being monitored, meaning there are no requirements for batteries or mains power.

What information does the Fluke 1734 capture?

The devise automatically captures and logs all measurements required to provide the user with an informed overview of energy use, these included:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Active / reactive Power
  • Power factor
  • Active / reactive energy

Capable of logging up to 20 separate sessions, the Fluke 1734 can be used to gather data from various sources before the results are collated and analysed at the same time.

How does the Fluke 1734 differ from the Fluke 1732?

All measurement parameters and logging capabilities are the same as the Fluke 1732. However the 1734 includes wireless download as well as compatibility with Fluke Connect.

Wireless download

Download data from your Fluke 1734 via Wi-Fi transfer for when it is not practical to move your computer or Fluke 1734. Alternatively data can be transferred via cable or memory stick.

Fluke Connect

View data remotely and in real time with colleagues or customers all from your mobile device, plus at a safe distance from potentially hazardous areas. This can also reduce the requirement for expensive PPE equipment that may otherwise be needed. The Fluke 1734 can also combine analogue measurement parameters from up to two other Fluke Connect devices, for example pressure and temperature to provide an overview of operating conditions.

Fluke 1732 vs 1734 comparison

Feature Fluke 1732 Fluke 1734
Measure V, I, kW, Cos/DPF, kWhr
Measure MIN/MAX and AVG values
10 day logging
THD measurement (V & I)
USB connectivity
Wireless download
Fluke Connect app
600 V/CAT IV safety rated
Power from measurement line


Other testers in the Fluke 1730 series include the Fluke 1736 and Fluke 1738. The 1736 and 1738 provide the following features in addition to the Fluke 1734.

Fluke 1736
Measurement across full harmonic spectrum plus basic and advanced industrial PQ troubleshooting with oscilloscope function and comprehensive logging capability.

Fluke 1738
Discover peak current from load switching with inrush measurement, plus event waveform capture providing visualisation of dips and swells to identify the cause of the events.

What’s included

  • FLUKE-1734/EUS Energy Logger
  • Power Supply
  • Voltage Test Lead
  • Dolphin Clip, Black
  • Set of three Thin-Flexi Current Probes, 30.5 cm (12 in)
  • FLUKE-17xx iFlexi 1500A 12 IN, 3 pack 
  • Colour-coded Wire Clips
  • Power Cord (see Figure 1)
  • Test lead with stackable plugs, 10 cm (3.9 in)
  • Test lead with stackable plugs, 1.5 m (5 ft)
  • DC Power Cable
  • USB Cable A, Mini-USB
  • Soft Storage Bag/Case
  • Input Connector Decal
  • The power cord and input connector decal are country-specific and vary according to the order destination.
  • Documentation Info Pack (Quick Reference Card, Safety, Information, Battery Pack Safety Information, iFlex Probe, Safety Information, i40s-EL Current Clamp Safety Information
  • 4 GB USB Flash Drive (includes User’s Manual)
  • Fluke 1734 also includes
  • WiFi BLE adaptor
  • MP1 probe (4pcs)
  • Magnetic hanger kit




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