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Advanced Testmate 17th Edition Safe Isolation Kit

SKU T4L/KIT42 Categories ,
  • Testmate ET100 Electrical Tester
  • Advanced Testmate PU100 Proving Unit
  • Testmate Safe Isolation Lock Off Kit 3
  • Testmate TECC40 Instrument Soft Carry Case
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Advanced Testmate 17th Edition Safe Isolation Kit

What’s Included?

1. Testmate ET100 Electrical Tester

Testmate ET100 Electrical Tester provides electricians with a versatile high quality Voltage and Continuity tester.

High quality Rubber over-moulded construction and clear indication make this the professional’s choice.

Screw-on Tip caps provide compliance with the Health & Safety Executives GS38 Guidance note.


  • AC/DC Voltage Indication
  • Polarity Detection
  • Single-pole phase test
  • Continuity test
  • Rotary field indication
  • Flashlight
  • HSE GS38 compliant Tip caps
  • IP64
  • Overvoltage class CAT III 1000v / CAT IV 600V Self Test Button

2. Advanced Testmate PU100 Proving Unit

In our opinion the most advanced proving unit available! The TESTMATE PU100 Proving unit provides the electrician with a safe method of proving the operation of 2 pole Voltage and Continuity Testers. The Testmate PU100 Proving Unit can also check Drummond and other filament lamps due to its output being sufficient to illuminate the bulb

Following isolation of equipment or circuits and BEFORE commencing work, the parts to be worked on and those nearby should be proved that they are dead. Proprietary two-pole voltage detectors as recommended in HSE Guidance note GS38 (such as the Testmate ET100 and ET200) should be used for this purpose. The Voltage Detector used should be proved on a known live source or proving unit BEFORE and AFTER use. The Testmate PU100 Proving Unit provides a convenient way of proving the safe operation of any 2 pole Voltage Tester used for Safe Isolation

When the probe tips are applied to the Testmate PU100 the proving unit automatically goes into auto-test mode and the output voltage will ramp up from 50V up to 690V and then gradually return back to 50V and finally off – The Voltage output is clearly indicated on the 5 LED indicators on the front of the unit. This method of testing allows you to check the operation of your Voltage Detector at the various voltage levels and also ensures the battery life of the Testmate PU100 is preserved as long as possible. Works with all Fluke, Martindale, Dilog, Testmate, Drummond etc.2 pole Electrical Testers.

3. Testmate Safe Isolation Lock Off Kit 3 can be used to secure most popular breakers which have no locking facilities including multi-pole and cross-bar breakers.


  • TT38 Red Padlock
  • CB05
  • CB06
  • CB07
  • CB08
  • CB12
  • (ContentsShown In Images Above)

4. Testmate TECC40 Instrument Soft Carry Case

Universal high quality soft carry case suitable for the majority of hand help professional equipment. Hard wearing & durable plus it comes with 1 hand carry strap. Measures aproximately 22cm x 34.5cm x 4.5cm Carry Case is broken up into 4 compartments with sleeve for manuals & paperwork. 

This truly is an essential item for protecting your instruments and at such a low cost, why not add one to your order today!



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