RadioDetection CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool (EN09 / EN29)



  • 4 operating modes
  • Overload protection feature
  • Bargraph tide mark for fast pin pointing
  • Find buried utilities faster
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RadioDetection CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool (EN09 / EN29)

The RadioDetection CAT4 is the standard tool for locating underground services, to help minimise the risk of costly and dangerous underground utility and cable strikes.

Both the CAT4 and eCAT4 avoidance tools are approved for use on the UK's national rail infrastructure, managed by Netwrok Rail.

The CAT4 is battery powered, with an ergonomic design that allows one handed operation. The mode select switch and sensitivity control can be adjusted whilst using the CAT for quicker and more precise measurements. The unit also contains a light sensor which automatically activates the backlight in low light environments.

RadioDection CAT4 operating modes

  • Avoidance mode: Simultaneously search for and pinpoint Genny, Power and Radio signals for rapid surveying.
  • Genny mode: Detects the signals transmitted by Genny4 (available separately)
  • Power mode: Detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables.
  • Radio mode: Detects long-range radio signals as they travel along buried cables and pipes.

How to use RadioDetection CAT4

The units easy to read bar graph allows for easy pinpointing of location, All models also include Dynamic Overload Protection which automatically filters out unwanted ‘noise’ in certain environments. The sensitivity dial can be used accordingly to get the most reliable reading. A single strength tide mark will pause on screen momentarily so the user knows they have passed the highest point.

Strike alert

Strike Alert (available as an option) instantly warns the user of shallow buried cables and utilities during scanning. There is no need to press additional buttons, the alert is displayed on the devices screen.

CAT and Genny

The Genny4 (available separately) provides a simultaneous dual frequency signal output, to help locate a specific target line or utility.

  • 33 kHz: Ideal for locating general purpose utilizes
  • Small Diameter Locate: Designed for locating telecoms and street lighting and CATV cables
  • Boost mode: increase signal strength by 10 times for difficult locates
Avoidance mode (A)
Genny signal locate (G)
Power signal locate (P)
Radio signal locate (R)
Small Diameter Locate Frequency
Dynamic Overload Protection
Strike AlertOptionOptionOptionOption
Data aquisition
Service due indicator
SWING warning
Bluetooth Low Energy

RadioDetection CAT4 Vs CAT4+

Both are designed to locate utilities with a 'single scan' approach, however the CAT4+ enables refined cable location capabilities thanks to its depth estimation feature. When used in conjunction with the Genny4 (available separately) the user can press the depth button on the CAT4+ to display the estimated depth on the tools high visibility display.

What's included

  • RadioDetection CAT4 Cable Avoidance Tool
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