RadioDetection eCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool with Depth Estimation (EN41 / EN71 / EN61 / EN91)



  • 4 operating modes
  • Overload protection feature
  • Bargraph tide mark for fast pin pointing
  • SWING technology to encourage correct operation
  • Optional StrikeAlert and CalSafe features
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Warranty 1 year
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RadioDetection eCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool

The RadioDetection eCAT4+, with depth estimation feature, is an ideal tool for locating underground utilities, as well as small diameter cable such as telecoms and CAT V cable.

RadioDection eCAT4+ operating modes

  • Avoidance mode: Simultaneously search for and pinpoint Genny, Power and Radio signals for rapid surveying.
  • Genny mode: Detects the signals transmitted by Genny4 (available separately)
  • Power mode: Detects the electromagnetic fields generated by loaded power cables.
  • Radio mode: Detects long-range radio signals as they travel along buried cables and pipes.
  • SWING warning: Alerts the user to improper or carless use. Recorded in instrument memory
  • Service due indicator: On screen 31 day countdown to calibration due date
  • Data acquisition: On board memory stores over 1 years’ worth of data

RadioDection eCAT4+ optional features

  • CALSafe: Enabled units can be set to automatically deactivate on expiry of the defined calibration interval, to help ensure compliance with individual company policies.
  • StrikeAlert warning: Warns of shallow buried utilities

Accurate and easy cable location

The eCAT4+ has all the standard features of all other CAT models, with the addition of SWING warning technology, service due indicator and data acquisition. Strike Alert and CALSafe are both available as option on the eCAT4+

Using the eCAT4+ in conjunction with the Genny4 (sold separately) the user can located small diameter cable such as telecoms, street lighting and CAT V cable. The Genny 4 emits a dual signal, plus a boost mode.

  • 33 kHz: Ideal for locating general purpose utilizes
  • Small Diameter Locate: Designed for locating telecoms and street lighting and CATV cables
  • Boost mode: Increases signal strength by 10 times for difficult locates

The eCat4+ also has Dynamic Overload protection, which helps filter out unwanted electrical interference often found, for example, near substations. The loud speaker can also be removed for use in noisier environments.

Remain compliant and safe

The 31 day countdown to service provides plenty of warning of the tools calibration expiry date. This can be combined with CALsafe (optional) which locks the unit out after the calibration period has expired, preventing use of the CAT until it has been calibrated.

Avoidance mode (A)
Genny signal locate (G)
Power signal locate (P)
Radio signal locate (R)
Small Diameter Locate Frequency
Dynamic Overload Protection
Strike Alert Option Option Option Option
Data aquisition    
Service due indicator    
SWING warning    
CALSafe     Option Option
Bluetooth Low Energy        
GPS / GNSS        


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RadioDetection eCAT4+ Cable Avoidance Tool

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