Testo 300LL Longlife Flue Gas Analyser (Choice of kit)



  • 5 year O2 and CO sensor life
  • NO sensor available for commercial applications
  • Large 5 inch HD display for ultimate clarity
  • Create and save reports on the device
  • Up to 10 hour battery life per charge
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Warranty3 years

Testo 300LL Longlife Flue Gas Analyser (Choice of kit)

The testo 300LL flue gas analyser is designed to carry out installation and maintenance on domestic and industrial systems, thanks to its long life sensors, CO H2 compensated sensor up to 30,000 ppm and the option to also include an NO sensor.

Testo 300LL sensor and kit variants

The Testo 300LL is available with and without a printer and NO sensor. Depending on the user’s application, the unit and kit can be adapted accordingly.

Please use the drop downs when placing an order to choose the required kit and sensor options…

Testo 300LL Standard Kit (without printer and NO) 0564 3004 82

Testo 300LL Printer Kit (without NO) 0564 3004 89

Testo 300LL Printer Kit with NO 0564 3004 84

The testo 300LL combines decades of experience in flue gas analysis, with the latest technology, to make the user experience as fast and straightforward as possible. The 300LL remains robust and suitable for everyday use, just like all other testo flue gas analysers. The testo 300LL unit carries a 4 year warranty, the O2 and CO sensors have a 5 year warranty.

Testo 300LL measurement functions

  • O2 measurement 0 – 21 vol %
  • CO measurement 0 – 30,000 ppm
  • NO measurement 0 – 3,000ppm (optional NO senor required)
  • Efficiency testing 0 – 120%
  • Flue gas loss 0 – 99.9%
  • Draught measurement -9.99 to +40 hPa (accessory required)
  • Pressure measurement -100 to +200 hPa (accessory required)
  • Temperature measurement -40 to +1,200 °C (accessory required)

For full specification and accuracies, download the Testo 300LL datasheet for the ‘Product downloads’ section above.

Testo 300LL smart touch operation

It’s just like having a smart phone built into your analyser. Simple and familiar operation, with logical menu structure and high definition display. View multiple measurement parameters all on the same screen, view more with a scroll or swipe.

Create your required documentation on site. With the touch screen, the customer can even sign directly on the instrument. PDF measurement reports can be saved onto the device and emailed straight to the customer or office via WLAN (hotspot). Reports can also be saved and recalled on the device if required.

Alternatively, measurements can be sent to the option Bluetooth printer and printed out straight away to be left with the customer.

Designed for every eventuality

The Testo 300LL allows versatile and fast probe changes. Take advantage of quick-change probes and the multi-functional handle for attaching a variety of probe shafts (each sold separately). This prepares you for almost any situation, for example a longer probe shaft for larger diameter flues, or flexible probes for difficult to reach areas.

Testo’s popular EasyHeat software is included (free download). This software can be used to organise customer and site data, as well as to configure the analyser. Simply connect the 300LL to a PC to download all stored data. Furthermore, there is a testo interface function for exporting data to an industry / customer specific software program.

Testo 300LL key features

  • Truly smart domestic and commercial flue gas analyser
  • Designed for installation and servicing
  • Intuitive, easy to use menu systems
  • O2 and CO sensor life of 5 years
  • OPTIONAL NO sensor
  • Large, high definition, 5 inch touch screen
  • 20% hydrogen blend ready
  • Rugged and designed for everyday use
  • Extra strong magnets on rear for hands free operation
  • Save document to the analysers memory
  • Email PDF reports (using WLAN)
  • Send measurements to optional printer
  • EasyHeat software included (free download)
  • Designed and tested to compliance of EN 50379, Parts 1-3
  • Versatile probe system for various applications (probes sold separately)
  • Customer on screen signature function
  • Long 10 hour battery life
  • Quick start up between jobs

What’s included

  • testo 300 Longlife flue gas analyser
  • USB mains unit, including cable
  • Modular flue gas probe
  • Spare dirt filters
  • Free download EasyHeat PC software
  • Instrument case
  • Bluetooth printer (Printer kits ONLY)
  • Optional NO sensor
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