Testo 327-1 Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit 0563 3203 80



TES/327-1 Standard
  • Easy menu navigation
  • For use with natural gas, LPG, kerosene, heavy and light oil
  • 4 line segment display
  • LED display light
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Warranty 3 years
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Testo 327-1 Flue Gas Analyser Standard Kit 0563 3203 80

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The testo 327-1 is an advanced flue gas analyser designed for frequent use and where an engineer needs a full range of tests available in one instrument. The 327-1 is suitable for use with all common fuel types: natural gas, light/heavy oil, Propane, Butane and Kerosene making it an around multifunction flue gas analyser.

Capable of measuring combustion efficiency, temperature, O2, CO2 and flue draft. The 327-1 can also carry out timed CO build up, let by and tightness and differential temperature measurement. All test and measurement options are easily selected via the unit’s intuitive menu function and large rubber buttons.

The testo 327-1’s rugged design is backed by a 3 year warranty. It also features a lithium ion rechargeable battery for a long running time, which can be charged either whilst inside or outside the unit for added convenience. Internally, a 4,000ppm CO sensor is protected by automatic pump shut off to prevent the chance of over exposing the CO sensor when testing potentially damaged or faulty gas appliances This helps reduce down time and costly repairs.

Testo 327 Flue Gas Analyser Kit Variants

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Testo 327-1 Analyser
Flue Gas Probe
Mains Unit
Carry Case
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Testo 327-1 feature set:

  • Temperature measurement range -40 to +600
  • Flue gas 02 measurement 0 to 21 Vol.%
  • Differential pressure flue gas draught -40 to +40 hPa
  • Efficiency measurement 0 to 12%
  • Flue gas loss range 0 to 99%
  • Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide measurements
  • Easy menu navigation with large rubber buttons
  • Robust rubber boot to protect the unit in harsh environments
  • Multi fuel: Natural gas, light/heavy oil, Propane, Butane and Kerosene
  • Back lit 4 line LCD display shows multiple measurement results in one
  • Fast and secure flue probe attachment
  • Easy access filter access for quick changes
  • Lithium ion rechargeable battery for approximately 5 hours use
  • Measures combustion efficiency, temperature, O2, CO2 and flue draft
  • Carries out let by and tightness test, no need for a separate manometer
  • CO over exposure protection with automatic pump shut off
  • Independently tested to EN50379 (Part 2 for O2, temperature and hPa. Part 3 for CO)
  • Meets the requirements of BS79697
  • Ambient CO measurement using flue gas probe
  • Results print out (via optional printer)

Testo 327-1 technical data

  • Temperature: 0 to +600°C
  • Draught: ±40 mbar
  • Pressure: -200 to +200 mbar
  • O2: 0 to 21 Vol. %
  • CO: 0 to 4000 ppm
  • CO2: 0 to CO2 max
  • Efficiency measurement: 0 to 120%
  • Flue gas loss (qA): 0 to 99.9%

Test4less proudly operate as an approved Testo distributor and service centre. We can calibrate you Testo 327-1 every year when required, fully in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. Your instruments warranty will be protected.

Take a look that the Testo 327-1 Advanced Kit which includes a differential hose kit, differential temperature kit (clamp probes) and infra-red printer.

What's Included?

  • Testo 327-1 Flue Gas Analyser
  • Flue Gas Probe
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Mains charger
  • Carry case
  • Testo calibration protocol

Testo Part Number: 0563 3203 80

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