Testo 340 Industrial Combustion Analyser (Choice of Kit)



  • Advanced combustion analyser for industrial applications
  • Available in 3 pre-configured kits designed for common applications
  • Choose your probe(s) based on your application requirements
  • Fully compatible with testo easyEmission software (available separately)
  • Compact and robust for use in tough environments
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Warranty 2 years
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The compact, easy-to-use testo 340 enables you to carry out emissions measurements on industrial combustion and power generation plants both accurately and flexibly. It can be equipped with up to four gas sensors and offers interfaces for a large number of probes – therefore it can be perfectly adapted to suit any application.

Flexible sensor upgrade
The testo 340 is fitted with an O2 sensor as standard. Three other gas sensors can be selected as required. The sensors can be changed or upgraded on site without the need for any time-consuming test gas adjustment. (Annual calibration is always recommended)

Compact and robust
The compact, yet extremely robust testo 340 measuring instrument allows for flexible measurements even in harsh environments.

Integrated condensate trap
Eliminates any condensate build-up in the actual gas sensor. The testo 340 notifies you when the condensate trap needs to be emptied.

Large selection of probes
Ensures a high degree of flexibility for all applications. Special flue gas probes for industrial engines are designed for over pressure at the measuring point. Industrial probes are available for harsh process conditions. PLEASE NOTE: A probe is NOT included as standard with any pre-configured kit. Please choose a testo probe separately that is most suited to your application(s).

Changing probes is easy
When changing probes, simply attach the probe shaft to the probe handle and snap it into place. The robust quick probe connector prevents any confusion.

Indestructible gas sampling hose900
Bend-resistant, can be extended up to max. 7.8 m and is space-saving. The probe can remain positioned in the flue gas while the gas sensors are in the zeroing phase.

Large fuel selection
13 selectable fuels, plus option for customer selected fuels to be added.

Measuring fluctuating gas concentrations
The measuring ranges of the sensors are automatically extended by a factor of 5 for individual dilution or a factor of 2 for all sensors. The burden placed on the sensors is no higher than at low gas concentrations.

Integrated, automatically controlled measurement gas pump
Automatically keeps the pump flow constant in the event of negative pressure or over pressure of -200 to +50 mbar.

Testo 340 kit options

Testo 340 Kit

Testo 340 Kit

Testo 340 Kit

Introduction to industrial emission control.

The testo 340's high measurement accuracy and simple handling make it possible to conduct efficient and reliable “emission checks” for the rapid assessment of industrial combustion systems.

Spot measurements for up to two hours
The testo 340 can independently run five user-defined measurement programmes. Spot measurements of up to two hours are therefore possible. “Online” measurement is also possible using Bluetooth or a USB cable.

Simultaneous differential pressure measurement
The simultaneous measurement of flue gas and flow velocity makes it possible to calculate the current mass flow.

If there are many different measuring points on your system
The rechargeable battery life of more than six hours makes it possible for mains-independent operation.

Ultimate flexibility in the selection of sensors
The testo 340 is fitted with an O2 sensor as standard. Three other gas measurement parameters can be selected as required: CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2 and SO2.

Servicing and maintenance work on industrial burners and combustion plants.
The testo 340 offers multiple technical functions for safe and efficient commissioning, tuning, efficiency-optimisation and troubleshooting when servicing industrial burners.

Direct display of fuel-air ratio and efficiency
All relevant combustion and calculation parameters for optimum tuning are clearly shown in the display.

Measuring range extension and automatic sensor protection
When commissioning burners or carrying out measurements on unfamiliar systems, very high concentrations can occur unexpectedly. In cases like these, the measuring range extension is automatically activated. This protects the sensor, as the load placed on it is no higher than at low concentrations.

Always ready for use – even in tough day-to-day working environments
The robust housing protects the measuring instrument from knocks.

Inspections and tuning work on stationary industrial engines
The versatile options for combining the various gas sensors in the testo 340 offer you ultimate flexibility for measurements on stationary engines.

Separate NO and NO2 measurement
The real NOX value is measured using the NO and NO2 sensor combination. In gas engines, the NO2 component of the NOX value can fluctuate significantly, so the separate measurement of both gases is necessary to attain correct NOX values.

Measurements even at high CO concentrations
At unexpectedly high concentrations (up to 50,000 ppm), the automatic dilution of the sensor with fresh air allows measurements even when the engine conditions aren’t defined, without negatively affecting the service life of the sensor.

Special flue gas probes for industrial engines
These probes are highly heat-resistant and specially designed to compensate for different pressure conditions, e.g. for measurements before and after the catalytic converter.

Engine-specific parameters
The key parameters for industrial engines, such as O2, CO, NO, NO2, NOX and Lambda, can be displayed simultaneously.

Flue probe options
Modular standard gas sampling probe: Standard gas sampling probes are available for different temperature ranges (500°C / 1000°C) in different lengths (335mm / 700mm) and even for dusty flue gas (with prelimary filter.

Gas sampling probes for measurements on industrial engines: The gas sampling probes for industrial engines are particularly suitable for measurements on stationary industrial engines (e.g. gas engines / diesel engines).Engine probe can be fitted with optional thermocouple sensor for parallel measurement of exhaust gas temperature and gas analysis.

Industrial gas sampling probes: The unheated or heated industrial gas sampling probe is used for measurements involving high temperatures, high dust loads or wet flue gas. The industrial gas sampling probe can be customised to the relevant measuring task by adding accessories.

Please view the 'Testo 340 Probe Guide' under the product downloads section on this page near the top for all probe infomration, versions and accessories.

Emissions measurements on turbines
To reduce emissions from gas turbines, CO and NO measurements using the testo 340 in low ranges are necessary. The CO low and NO low sensors of the testo 340 are ideal for this.

Special NO low sensor for low concentrations
The NO low sensor for measurements on Low NOX turbines can be freely combined with other sensors.

Measuring range extension and CO low sensor
Thanks to the measuring range extension, the CO low sensor can measure up to 2,500 ppm without any problems.

Simple and precise test gas adjustment by the user
If required, the testo 340 can be easily adjusted with test gas on site

What's included

  • Testo 340 Industrial Combustion Analyser
  • Hard carry case
  • Battery charger

*A probe is NOT included as standard with any pre-configured kit. Please choose a probe separately that is most suited to your application(s).

*The Testo 340 is a made to order item and cannot be returned unless faulty.

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