Testo 868 Thermal Imaging Camera



  • Up to 320 x 240 pixels with Testo SuperResolution
  • Measuring range -30 to +650 degrees Celsius
  • Automatic setting of emissivity
  • Integrated digital camera
(Size: 1.3 MB)
(Size: 2.5 MB)
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Warranty 2 years
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Testo 868 Thermal Imaging Camera

The testo 868 is a compact, lightweight, advanced thermal imaging camera, suitable for many professional applications often encountered by electricians, heating engineers, facility mangers, production personnel and many more. Easy to use, affordable and perfect for everyday troubleshooting and preventative maintenance, the testo 868 provides a detailed insight into what the eye can’t always see. This makes the testo 868 a great proving tool too, for example, showing blockages that have been removed or repairs of problematic motors.

testo ScaleAssist: All models
testo ε-Assist: 868 / 871 and 872 only
testo thermography app: 868 / 871 and 872 only
Compatible with testo 605i and 770-3: 871 and 872 only

When considering a thermal camera, thermal resolution is often the starting point. The testo 868 has 160 x 120 resolution, which is increased to 320 x 240 with testo SuperResolution software. This software enhances the thermal resolution by four times for more detailed thermal images.

The testo 868 thermal camera builds on the entry level testo 865 model, with a range of useful features including…

  • Increased thermal sensitivity 100mK
  • Choice of measuring range: -30°C to +100°C or 0 to +650°C
  • Integrated digital camera for ordinary digital images
  • Access to testo thermography app
  • Test e assist

Thermal sensitivity and measuring range
The testo 868 is ideal for applications where more accurate temperature readings are required, or where a larger measuring range is needed, up to +650°C. The unit’s thermal sensitivity of 100mK provides the user with confidence that the camera is reporting measurements accurately and that small temperature differences are being recorded with a low margin of error. Also, auto hot / cold spot recognition allows fast pinpointing of problem areas.

Visual and thermal images
The addition of a visual digital camera means a normal image is taken in parallel to the thermal image. This allows for faster troubleshooting and interpretation of images, as both the real and thermal image can be seen together.

Testo thermography app
This app allows the user to quickly compile compact reports which can be saved online and easily sent via email. Images can also be streamed live to a smart device, effectively providing a second screen, allowing your customer to see exactly what you do in real time. This is ideal for when it may not be practical for the customer to be stood with the user, for example where there are high levels of noise.

Testo e assist
Via the integrated digital camera, the testo 868 recognises the reference sticker (e marker) and then automatically adjusts the emissivity setting depending on the emissivity and reflected temperature. This features helps reduce inaccurate measurements as a result of emissivity caused by user error. 3 e markers are included with the Testo 868.

The testo 868 is a fixed focus thermal camera and has the same field of view as the Testo 865 at 31° x 23°, it also features testo’s Infrared Field Of View (IFOV) warner, a system that ensures the measurement spot size viewed by the user on the thermal image shows exactly what you are measuring. This greatly reduces the prospect for measurement errors.

Infrared image output
Infrared resolution 160 x 120 pixels
Thermal sensitivity 100 mK
Field of view (FOV) 31° x 23°
Minimum focus distance < 0.5m
Geometric resolution (IFOV) 3.4 mrad
Testo Super Resolution (Pixel / IFOV) 320 x 240 pixels (2.1 mrad)
Image refresh rate 9Hz
Focus Fixed focus
Spectral range 7.5 to 14 μm
Visual image output
Image size / min. focusing distance at least 3.1 MP / 0.5m
Image presentation
Image display 8.9 cm (3.5" TFT, QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
Display options IR image / real image
Colour palettes Iron / rainbow HC / cold - hot / grey
Data interfaces
WLAN connectivity Communication with the testo Thermography App wireless modul BT/WLAN
USB 2.0 Micro B Yes
Measuring range Measuring range 1: -30 to +100 °C
Measuring range 2: 0 to +650°C
Accuracy ±2 °C, ±2 % of measured value
Emissivity range 0.01 to 1
testo ε-Assist Auto recognition of emissivity and determination of reflected temperature (RTC)
Measurement Functions
Analysis function Mean point measurement, hot/cold-spot recognition, Delta T
testo ScaleAssist Included
IFOV warner Included
Imager Equipment
Digital camera Included
Full screen mode Included
JPEG storage Included
Video Streaming Via USB, via wireless LAN with test Thermography app
Standard lens 31° x 23°
Image storage
File format .bmt; .jpg; export option in .bmp; .jpg; .png; .xls; .csv
Memory Internal memory (2.8GB)
Power supply
Battery type Li-ion battery can be charged on-site
Operating time 4 hours
Charging options In instrument / in charging station (optional)
Mains operation Yes
File format .bmt; .jpg; export option in .bmp; .jpg; .png; .xls; .csv
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature range -15 to +50 °C
Storage temperature range -30 to +60 °C
Air humidity 20 to 80 %RH non-condensing
Physical features
Weight 510 g
Dimensions (LxWxH) 219 x 96 x 95 mm
Housing PC - ABS
Housing protection class (IEC 60529) IP54


Testo thermal imaging comparison

  Testo 865 Testo 868 Testo 871 Testo 872
Infrared resolution (pixels) 160 x 120 160 x 120 240 x 180 320 x 240
SuperResolution resolution
320 x 240 320 x 240 480 x 360 640 x 480
NETD (thermal sensitivity) 120mK 100mK 90mK 60mK
Field of view (FOV) 31° x 23° 31° x 23° 35° x 26° 42° x 30°
3,4 mrad 3,4 mrad 2,6 mrad 2,3 mrad
Focus type Fixed focus Fixed focus Fixed focus Fixed focus
Min. focus distance < 0,5 m < 0,5 m < 0,5 m < 0,5 m
Intergrated digital camera No Yes Yes Yes
Laser marker No No No Yes
Measuring range -20 to +280°C -30 to +100°C
0 to +650°C
-30 to +100°C
0 to +650°C
-30 to +100°C
0 to +650°C

What’s included

  • Testo 868 Thermal Imager
  • USB Cable
  • Mains Unit
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Pro Software
  • Quick start guide
  • Short Instructions
  • Hard protective carry case
  • Calibration Protocol
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