Testo 872 Thermal Imager Building Inspection Kit



  • Up to 640 x 480 pixels with Testo SuperResolution
  • Measuring range -30 to +650 degrees Celsius
  • Automatic setting of emissivity
  • includes Testo 605i Thermal Hygrometer
(Size: 1.4 MB)
(Size: 2.1 MB)
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Warranty2 years
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Testo 872 Thermal Imager Building Inspection Kit

The Testo 872 is a highly advanced camera with 320 x 240 resolution and a thermal sensitivity rating of 60mK, for even greater measurement accuracy of smaller temperature differences. With SuperResolution, the 872 is capable of producing images with a resolution of 640 x 480, meaning each image has over 300,000 individual measurement points.

Suitable for a host of applications, including the building trade, heating construction, electrical and maintenance, the Testo 872 is a highly versatile thermal camera. Examples of specific applications include.

  • Detecting structural defects and ensuring construction quality
  • Easy checking of heating systems and installations
  • Investigating moisture damage
  • Preventing mould formation with traffic light risk indication
  • Pinpoint roof leaks, especially on flat roofs
  • Monitoring and checking solar energy systems to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Mechanical systems such as motors, bearings, conveyors and general process machinery

See the Testo 872 in action…

Ultimate connectivity
In addition to its wide range of application uses, the Testo 872 can be used with the Testo thermography app, available on both Android and iOS devices. Reports can be created and sent via the app, meaning results can be sent straight to the person who needs them, whether this be an engineer on site or a customer. The 872 can also be operated via the app and the smart device can be used as a second screen.

You can also integrate real time readings from the Testo 605i thermo hygrometer (included) to produce a highly effective mould risk survey. The on screen traffic light system clearly shows areas with high, medium and low mould risk. Results can be saved for reporting later, or shown live for immediate action.

Hot and cold spot detection
Automatic hot and cold spot recognition helps flag problem areas quickly and easily, removing the need for timely investigations. This camera also allows the user to view large areas in one go, potentially highlighting multiple critical issues in one snapshot.

Integrated digital camera
An integrated digital camera allows comparison between normal visual images and thermal images side by side. This makes interpreting thermal images much easier, and issues can be pinpointed virtually straight away and marked on the visual image for easy identification on site.

Simplifying emissivity
The Testo 872 makes compensating for emissivity as straight forward as possible. Pre-sets for a range of commonly found materials means the 872 takes the guess work out of setting the correct emissivity level. The 872 can also be used with testo e markers. Simply stick the e marker on the surface to be measured and the camera automatically adjusts the emissivity setting. A manual mode is also available if preferred. The addition of a laser marker means h euser can see exactly what they are measuring.

The feature set and simplicity of the Testo 872 make it an excellent value camera. It takes all the features of the Testo 871 plus adds improved IR resolution, thermal sensitivity, wider field of view and laser marker. Pro software is also included for in depth reporting.

Infrared image output
Infrared resolution320 x 240 pixels
Thermal sensitivity60 mK
Field of view (FOV)42° x 30°
Minimum focus distance< 0.5m
Geometric resolution (IFOV)2.3 mrad
Testo Super Resolution (Pixel / IFOV)640 x 480 pixels (1.3 mrad)
Image refresh rate9Hz
FocusFixed focus
Spectral range7.5 to 14 μm
Visual image output
Image size / min. focusing distanceat least 3.1 MP / 0.5m
Image presentation
Image display8.9 cm (3.5" TFT, QVGA (320 x 240 pixels)
Digital zoom2x, 4x
Display optionsIR image / real image
Colour palettesIron / rainbow / rainbow HC / cold - hot / grey / inverted grey / blue - red / sepia / Testo, iron HT
Data interfaces
WLAN connectivityCommunication with the testo Thermography App wireless modul BT/WLAN
USB 2.0 Micro BYes
BluetoothMeasurement value transfer from thermohygrometer testo 605i, clamp meter testo 770-3 (optional)
Measuring rangeMeasuring range 1: -30 to +100 °C
Measuring range 2: 0 to +650°C
Accuracy±2 °C, ±2 % of measured value
Emissivity range0.01 to 1
testo ε-AssistAuto recognition of emissivity and determination of reflected temperature (RTC)
Measurement Functions
Analysis functionMean point measurement, hot/cold-spot recognition, Delta T, area measurement (min-max on area)
testo ScaleAssistIncluded
IFOV warnerIncluded
Humidity mode - manualIncluded
Humidity measurement
with humidity measuring instrument
Automatic measurement value transfer of thermohygrometer testo 605i via Bluetooth (instrument must be ordered separately)
Solar mode – manualInput of solar radiation value
Electrical mode - manualInput of current, voltage or power
Electrical measurement
with clamp meter
Automatic measurement value transfer of clamp meter testo 770-3 via Bluetooth (instrument must be ordered separately)
Imager Equipment
Digital cameraIncluded
Full screen modeIncluded
JPEG storageIncluded
LaserLaser class 2
Video StreamingVia USB, via wireless LAN with test Thermography app
Standard lens42° x 30°
Image storage
File format.bmt; .jpg; export option in .bmp; .jpg; .png; .xls; .csv
MemoryInternal memory (2.8GB)
Power supply
Battery typeLi-ion battery can be charged on-site
Operating time4 hours
Charging optionsIn instrument / in charging station (optional)
Mains operationYes
File format.bmt; .jpg; export option in .bmp; .jpg; .png; .xls; .csv
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature range-15 to +50 °C
Storage temperature range-30 to +60 °C
Air humidity20 to 80 %RH non-condensing
Physical features
Weight510 g
Dimensions (LxWxH)219 x 96 x 95 mm
HousingPC - ABS
Housing protection class (IEC 60529)IP54

Testo thermal imaging comparison

 Testo 865Testo 868Testo 871Testo 872
Infrared resolution (pixels)160 x 120160 x 120240 x 180320 x 240
SuperResolution resolution
320 x 240320 x 240480 x 360640 x 480
NETD (thermal sensitivity)120mK100mK90mK60mK
Field of view (FOV)31° x 23°31° x 23°35° x 26°42° x 30°
3,4 mrad3,4 mrad2,6 mrad2,3 mrad
Focus typeFixed focusFixed focusFixed focusFixed focus
Min. focus distance< 0,5 m< 0,5 m< 0,5 m< 0,5 m
Intergrated digital cameraNoYesYesYes
Laser markerNoNoNoYes
Measuring range-20 to +280°C-30 to +100°C
0 to +650°C
-30 to +100°C
0 to +650°C
-30 to +100°C
0 to +650°C

What’s included

  • Testo 872 Thermal Imager
  • Testo 605i thermal hygrometer
  • USB Cable
  • Mains Unit
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Pro Software
  • Quick start guide
  • Short Instructions
  • Hard protective carry case
  • Calibration Protocol
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