TPI 9071 Vibration And Bearing Condition Analyser



  • Single button operation
  • Traffic light warning system
  • ISO machine alarms
  • Can store 200 readings
  • Suitable for a multitude of industries
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Warranty3 years

TPI 9071 Vibration Analyser

The TPI 9071 provides an affordable, smart vibration solution. The 9071 unit comes complete with BNC cabled accelerometer and magnet, allowing for more flexibility in hard to reach areas, as well as more accurate readings with better repeatability when trending over time.

Simple vibration and bearing analysis for everyone

Designed to be easy to use, the TPI 9071 has only 4 buttons, combined with a clear interface which displays mm/s, BDU (Bearing Damage Units) and g simultaneously. A simple red, amber, green traffic light systems indicates severity for ISO and BDU measurements.

ISO values

  • GREEN - New machine condition
  • AMBER – Unlimited long term operation allowable
  • RED – Vibration causes damage


  • GREEN – Below 50
  • AMBER – Between 50 – 100 (warn bearing)
  • RED – Above 100 (bad bearing)

The TPI 9071 automatically performs vibration analysis functions based on machine running speed, to help diagnose faults such as unbalance, misalignment and looseness.

TPI 9071 key features

  • Built-in ISO Alarms
  • Find machine faults before they stop your machine
  • Increase productivity and lower maintenance costs
  • Full Color LED Display
  • Collect data
  • Standard Cable mounted accelerometer with magnet
  • ISO built-in Alarms
  • Easily identify bearing problems with BDU Reading
  • Easily identify problems with built-in band filters

Enhanced frequencies

  • 2/10Hz to 1kHz covers the ISO frequency for Misalignment, Looseness and Imbalance issues
  • 1kHz to 10kHz covers the Bearing Condition

Always in the know

Analyse, interpret and save with ease. The 9071 has built in storage (10 memory blocks with up to 20 readings per block) so data can be recorded over time. The units also features an 800 line spectrum with zoom in order to pinpoint complex issues.

Built to last

The TPI 9071 is IP67 rated against dust and moisture ingress, making it ideal for use in tough work environments. It also comes with a 3 year warranty for added peace of mind.

The TPI 9071 is ideal for use in…

  • Commercial / industrial HVAC
  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Packaging
  • Petrochemical
  • Pulp and paper
  • Power plants
  • Utilities
  • Automotive

What’s included

  • TPI 9071 smart vibration meter
  • BNC cabled accelerometer with magnet
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