TPI 9071 Vibration Analyser



  • Single button operation
  • Traffic light warning system
  • ISO machine alarms
  • Can store 200 readings
  • Suitable for a multitude of industries
(Size: 260.9 KB)
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Warranty 3 years
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TPI 9071 Vibration Analyser

Vibration analysis at the touch of a button!

The TPI 9071 analyzes & interprets readings: ISO machine alarms and BDU reading indicate overall machine and bearing condition; clear picture of machine problems detects imbalance, misalignment and looseness; 800-line spectrum with zoom and cursor to identify complex issues.

Collect and store test data. Storage space of 10 memory blocks with 20 readings per block available. Stored readings can be displayed for analysis.


  • Built-in ISO Alarms
  • Find machine faults before they stop your machine
  • Increase productivity and lower maintenance costs
  • Full Color LED Display
  • Collect data
  • Standard Cable mounted accelerometer with magnet
  • ISO built-in Alarms
  • Easily identify bearing problems with BDU Reading
  • Easily identify problems with built-in band filters:
    1X (unbalance)
    2X (misalignment)
    3X (looseness)
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