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Martindale VIPDLOKPRO138-S Pro Lock Out Kit

SKU MAT/VIPDLOKPRO138-S Categories ,
  • 20 piece safe isolaion and LOTO kit
  • 14 different locking devices for simple fitting
  • Compatible with all distribution boards
  • 1m cable lock for both electrical and mechanical locking out
  • Ideal for contractors and maintenance teams
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Martindale VIPDLOKPRO138-S Pro Lock Out Kit

The Martindale VIPDLOKPRO138-S is a 20 piece professional LOTO kit, featuring some of Martindale’s unique lock off devices, such as the LOK6, LOK7, PL13 and cable lock. In total, the VIPDLOKPRO138-S includes 14 different locking devices, as well as the Martindale VI13800 voltage indicator and PD440S proving device. This kit is suited to contractors and maintenance teams working on industrial and commercial sites.

Lock out more with the VIPDLOKPRO138-S

The VIPDLOKPRO138-S is for those who may work on a large, varied range of installations every day. The VIPDLOKPRO138-S includes all the parts of the VIPDLOK138-S, as well as a few additional lock off devices.

LOK6 fuse carrier isolation lock
Suitable for use with Red Spot and other similar style fuse holders. Extendable for use with fuse holders from 20A to 100A.

LOK7 slim line isolation lock
For where access is limited by breaker test buttons or limited clearance around the device.

PL13 appliance lock out
Universal lock out device for UK BS1363 13A mains plugs.

CABLOK1BL adjustable cable lock
For locking off multiple breakers, switches & valves. 1m length.

The large range of lock off devices means this kit is suitable for locking off all MCB’s, RCBO’s and fuse holders, whilst enabling compliance with Health & Safety recommendations for safe working practices. This kit also includes two cases, one for the voltage tester and proving unit, the other for the lock off devices.

To add further convenience, 5 lock out tags are include, along with a marker pen for the engineer to include their details.

Prove electrically dead with Martindale

Proving a circuit is dead before carrying out any maintenance is essential. The Martindale VI1300 voltage indicator, used in conjunction with the PD440S is a fast and simple way to check. The VI13800 is GS38 compliant and doesn’t require any batteries to operate. The PD440S matches the voltage range of the VI13000. This equipment can be used on installations up to 600V.

The case design of the TC71 means the proving unit can be used whilst still in the case. Another case is provided to house all the included lock off devices.

What’s included

  • PD440S Proving device
  • VI-13800 Voltage indicator
  • PAD10R Padlock with unique key
  • CABLOK Cable lock-off
  • LOKMCB MCB Isolation lock kit (LOK1-LOK5)
  • LOK6 Cartridge fuse isolation lock
  • LOK7 Slimline grey isolation lock
  • LOK10 Yellow MCB lock, 10mm clip
  • LOK11 Red MCB lock, 8mm clip
  • LOK15 Plunge locking piece
  • LOKHASP25 Hasp
  • PL13 Appliance lock out
  • LOKMP Black marker pen
  • 5 Locked out tags
  • TC68 Soft carry case
  • TC71 Soft carry case


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