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Electrical Insulated Shroud Mat (Choice of Size)

SKU TES/SHROUD Categories ,
  • Superior protection in high-voltage environments
  • Large (900mm x 600mm) and small (450mm x 400mm) sizes available
  • Also available per roll (20m x 1m)
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Electrical Shroud Mats

Introducing the latest innovation in electrical safety, our Electrical Shroud Mats are designed to provide superior protection in high-voltage environments. Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, this mat ensures a robust and reliable barrier against electrical hazards. Its unique composition is engineered to resist wear and tear, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The non-conductive surface offers excellent insulation, significantly reducing the risk of electrical shocks. Available in either small or large sizes, as well as per roll, they’re perfectly sized to fit a variety of workspaces. Lightweight and easy to deploy, it’s an essential safety tool for electricians, maintenance crews, and anyone working near electrical installations. Enhance your safety standards with our Electrical Shroud Mat, a must-have for ensuring a secure and accident-free working environment.

Key Parameters

* Electrical Class 0 (1kV AC working voltage)
* Compliant with BS EN 61112:2009 Live working – Electrical insulating mat voltage proof test (5kV AC)
* Compliant with BS EN 61112:2009 Live working – Electrical insulating mat flame retardance test


The mats must be stored in a way that does not damage either surface. In particular, the mat must not be punctured or folded in a way that causes cracking.
Ideally, the mats will be stored flat or in a loose roll in a temperature between 10°C and 21°C.

Examination before use

Before each use, both sides of each mat should be checked for damage that may affect the dielectric characteristics such as cracks, tears, small pinholes or surface abrasion.

Operating Temperature

The working temperature range is -10°C to +55°C

Precautions in Use

Electrical insulating mats should not be exposed to heat, light or chemicals.
If the mat becomes lightly soiled, it may be cleaned in soapy water and thoroughly dried. Solvents must not be used to clean the mat.

Electrical insulating mats are not intended to be walked on.


1 General

Electrical insulating mats are designed and manufactured to contribute to the safety of the users provided they are used by skilled persons, in accordance with safe methods of work and the instructions for use.

2 Classification

The electrical insulating mats comply with electrical class 0 – (1000 V AC)
The working temperature range is -10°C to +55°C

3 Physical requirements

3.1 Composition

The electrical insulating mat is manufactured of elastomer.

3.2 Shape

The electrical insulating mats are rectangular in shape. They are of plain design with no holes, slots or reinforcement.
The electrical insulating mats may be cut for individual applications.

3.3 Dimensions and tolerances

3.3.1 Length and width

Size 1: 900mm x 600mm
Size 2: 450mm x 400mm

3.3.2 Thickness

All mats are nominally 1mm thick.

3.3.3 Rounded Corners

Rounded Corners to minimise cosmetic damage to property

3.4 Workmanship and finish

Electrical insulating mats are free from harmful physical irregularities on both surfaces that can be detected by thorough test and/or inspection.
Harmful physical irregularities are defined as any feature that disrupts the uniform, smooth surface contour, such as pinholes, cracks, blisters, cuts, conductive embedded foreign matter, creases, pinch marks and voids (entrapped air).

4 Mechanical, climatic and environmental requirements

The electrical insulating mats are manufactured to meet the mechanical, climatic and environmental stresses occurring during normal working conditions.
The electrical insulating mats are also resistant to acid and oil.

The electrical insulating mats comply with the Flame Retardance Test specified in BS EN 61112:2009.

4.5 Dielectric requirements

The electrical insulating mats are capable of withstanding the electrical stresses according to electrical class 0.
The electrical insulating mats comply with the Voltage proof test defined in BS EN 61112:2009 (5kV AC)

4.6 Marking

The electrical insulating mats are not marked.

4.7 Packaging

The electrical insulating mats are shipped rolled or flat to ensure no damage is caused during transportation.
It is the user’s responsibility to store the mats in a suitable manner – especially for any cut pieces.

4.8 Instructions for use

4.8.1 General

This section provides guidance for the maintenance, inspection, retest and use of electrical insulating mats.


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