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Kewtech KT63DL 5-in-1 Digital Multifunction Tester

  • Displays PFC/PSC at same time as Loop reading
  • 250 / 500 / 1000V insulation test with auto discharge
  • Test leads auto-null for continuity mode
  • RCD auto test mode for 30mA RCDs
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Kewtech KT63DL 18th Edition Multifunction Tester

The Kewtech KT63DL is one of the bestselling entry-level 18th edition multifunction testers on the market and is ideal for domestic electricians looking for a very easy-to-use and affordable tester.

Designed for frequent use, the Kewtech KT63DL is housed in a robust enclosure and is IP54 rated, even when the leads are not plugged in. It features a single rotary dial from which the user can select test ranges for loop, continuity, insulation and RCD testing. The KT63DL also features auto-testing of the most commonly found 30mA RCD types, preventing the user having to return to the tester when the RCD trips.

This 5 in 1 tester features a large backlit display, for easy visibility even in poor lighting, along with a soft carry case for protecting and transporting the unit and its accessories. Essential accessories include the Kewtech KAMP 13A mains lead, ACC063 3 wire distribution board test lead set, batteries and manufacturers end of line calibration certificate, all of which are included with the KT63DL.

All tests can be carried out using the hands-free function. Simply turn the dial to the test required and push the HANDSFREE button. The test will automatically start once the leads are connected.

Kewtech KT63 vs KT63DL. What are the differences?

The KT63DL can test type A & AS RCDs, as wells as including a 10mA RCD test. All other features are the same, the multifunction tester still retains the easy to use interface that so many professional electricians are familiar with.

How to upgrade Kewtech KT63 to KT63DL

You can send your KT63 to Kewtech at any time to get it upgraded to the KT63DL. Contact Kewtech for pricing and availability. You upgrade will include a new calibration certificate. 

Loop testing
This Kewtech MFT features anti trip technology for full no trip loop impedance testing of RCD of all types (AC & ACS). The Prospective Fault Current (PFC) and Prospective Short Circuit (PSC) results are also record at the same time the loop test is carried out and can be displayed by pressing the PFC-LOOP button.

Continuity testing
Auto ranging 200mA. The multifunction is also protected against accidental connection to live circuits, thanks to continuous live monitoring, and will alert the user accordingly. The test will be inhibited by the unit until no voltage is present. The test leads auto null for continuity mode to ensure fast and reliable readings. You can also use the KT63DL in conjunction with the Kewtech PAT ADAPTOR1 (available separately) to carry out dead PAT testing.

Insulation testing
With selectable ranges of 250V, 500V and 1000V, the KT63DL is suitable for dead and live testing. Simply rotate the dial to the required voltage. Again this unit can be used in conjunction with the PAT ADAPTOR1 for insulation testing of portable appliances.

RCD testing
The Kewtech KT63DL can test AC type 30mA / 100mA / 300mA and 500mA RCD’s, with a handy auto test for 30mA. A ramp test feature is available at ½, x1 and x5. 100mA and 300mA ACS type RCD types can also be tested. The updated DL version now tests type A & AS RCDs using the same easy to use interface. 10mA RCD tests have also been added.

Authorised Kewtech Distributor

Test4less are an authorised Kewetch distributor and service centre. Kewtech multifunction tester calibration can be carried out in our state-of-the-art laboratory here at our premises. Test4less can collect and deliver your instrument for a totally hassle free calibration process.


Key Features

  • Very simple to use with single roatry dial test selection
  • New Anti Trip Technology loop for full no trip Loop testing of RCD of all types
  • Low susceptibility of RCD uplift and noise interference
  • Rugged, reliable and IP54 rated against dust and moisture
  • Conveniently displays PFC/PSC at same time as Loop reading
  • Selectable 250 / 500 / 1000 V insulation test with auto discharge
  • Test leads auto-null for continuity mode
  • RCD auto test mode for 30 mA RCDs
  • RCD ramp test function for convenience
  • Tests 10 mA, 30 mA, 100 mA, 300 mA & 500 mA type AC RCDs
  • Tests 10 mA, 30 mA, 100 mA & 300 mA  type A RCDs
  • Hand-free mode controlled by separate button
  • Includes all required accessories for ‘out of the box’ testing
  • Auto-ranging Continuity measurement to 2000 Ω
  • Protected against phase-to-phase connection
  • Instant correct wiring status check
  • Complies with BS7671 (Part P)


Continuity at 200mA
Auto null function for test leads
Insulation 250, 500 & 1000 V
PAT testing with optional PAT ADAPTER 1
PAT results memory and auto ID advance
Downloadable with software
Continuous Live warning
55V loop test
High voltage LED light
Low current ATT non RCD trip loop test
High current loop test
PSC / PFC test
0.001Ω resolution high current loop test
‘Hands free’ testing
Back light
RCD type AC & A: 10, 30, 100, 300 & 500 mA
RCD type ACS & A: 100, 300 mA
RCD type AC, ACS, A & AS: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 & 100 mA
RCD auto test: 30 mA
RCD auto test: 10, 30, 100, 300, 500, 1000 mA
RCD auto test all results on one screen
Test probe with remote test button
Advanced memory software included
Phase rotation
Earth resistance with optional ACCES KIT
IP rating54544040
Wiring & lead polarity check
Mains polarity check
Touch pad for earth potential limits 25V / 50V
Volts measurement
Magnetic feet

Test4less ‘Bolt On Kit’s’ include a range of useful accessories and offer a guaranteed saving against buying seperately.

 Kewtech KT63DL Kit Variants
Bolt On Kit 1Bolt On Kit 2Bolt On Kit 3
Socket & See SOK22 Craftsman Socket Tester
Socket & See iVolt Voltage Detector
Testmate Personal Lockout Tagout Kit 1
Socket & See FFCB200 UK Easy Fuse Finder
Socket & See DCF200 Dead Circuit Finder
Socket & See SOK32 Craftsman Socket Tester
Socket & See FFCB1140 UK Dual Voltage Fuse Finder Kit● 
Socket & See SOK34 Easy Socket and Earth Loop Tester● 
Socket & See CB400 Non-Trip 18th Edition Calibration Checkbox ● 


How to Zs test (including PFC and PSC)


What’s included:

  • Kewtech KT63DL multifunction installation tester
  • KAMP 13 mains lead
  • ACC063 3 wire distribution board lead set
  • Large soft carry case with handle and shoulder strap
  • Instruction manual
  • Batteries
  • Calibration certificate


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