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Leading Gas Leak Detection Products from Test4Less

The Gas Safety and Use Regulations [1] include a stringent set of requirements regarding the installation and maintenance of gas appliances. Not least of these is that any installation and maintenance must be performed by a registered Gas Safe engineer [2]. For those involved in gas installation, Test4Less provides a range of reliable gas testing gear. We have everything you need to keep you safe and ensure installations run without any issues. It’s not just about following the regulations. Knowing you’re safe throughout the process brings peace of mind.

The Importance of Gas Testing

The need for stringent gas safety is clear. Even the slightest mistake during an installation can lead to leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning and even gas explosions. That’s why gas testing is so important because it identifies and preempts potential dangers, ensuring that everything works as it should. Testing gas appliances also keeps the environment safe and ensures compliance with the latest regulations.

At Test4Less, we’ve got all the tools you need to conduct thorough and effective tests. We make this critical process easier, offering user-friendly tools that deliver precise results. Our equipment simplifies each step, the ultimate goal being to ensure that each installation is safe and adheres to the relevant standards.

Gas Leak Detection

We stock a range of gas leak detection tools from leading manufacturers, including Anton, Kane, Crowcon, Regin, and Testo. These advanced handheld units provide sophisticated digital readouts, with many of the devices capable of measuring more than one element in its designated class. Detection covers refrigerants, methane, natural gas, butane, and propane. The Kane EGD Gas Leak Detector excels in identifying various gases, such as methane, butane, jet fuel, and solvents. Its flexible goose neck and multi-colour LED display also ensures thorough and visual leak detection.

Analysing Flue Gases

We provide a range of flue gas analysers which provide essential information as to the levels of constituent flue gases from combustion processes. Ensuring the correct balance confirms compliance and that the combustion process is working efficiently. Flue gas analysers detect the levels of carbon monoxide, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, enabling engineers to fine-tune the combustion process and minimise pollution. Key manufacturers represented in our range of flue gas analysers include TestoAnton and TPI, all market leaders acknowledged for their advanced technology and reliability. The Anton Sprint Pro 3 Flue Gas Analyser is praised for its accuracy and durability, ideal for ensuring safe and efficient gas appliance operation. It measures CO, CO2, O2, CO ratios, temperatures, efficiency, and pressure, and performs BS7967 CO sweep tests, CO ambient air monitoring, and has over-range protection.

With reliable testing equipment by your side, you will be able to conduct accurate and efficient installations. Our high-quality equipment can help you identify potential issues before they cause any problems. This gives you confidence in the installation’s safety, with your investment in high-quality testing equipment providing an additional layer of safety and peace of mind.

Your Partner in Gas Safety

Test4Less offers a wide selection of gas safety testing equipment. This includes detectors and analysers, each of which are designed to confirm safe and efficient installations. Choosing Test4Less means opting for reliability and ensuring that gas appliance installations meet stringent safety standards. Trust Test4Less for top-quality safety equipment and enjoy the reassurance that comes with market-leading testing technology.


[1] https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2018/139/made 
[2] https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/